Elated about paving trails

From: Ronald R. Rolf
Fishers, IN
As a former Lester Prairie and Winsted resident, I was elated to find out that both communities are going forward with paving their respective trails. As an avid biker and walker I use many trails in the Indianapolis area, most notably the Monon trail, which, like Lester Prairie and Winsted, is an abandoned railway.
The cities in which this trail flows through have developed the adjacent area into what would be considered lake front property in Minnesota.   Many types of economic developments line the trail, and it is certainly a positive attribute that these cities advertise to lure businesses and people to live in the community.
Winsted and Lester Prairie will benefit from their decision to enhance the trail, as will those shrewd people who have the resources and motivation to start some small businesses that will appeal to those individuals who use the trail.
And, while many people should be commended for supporting the trails, from what I have read, the most influential person is Chris Schultz. I personally commend him for his efforts, especially getting the Lester Prairie council to reverse their original decision, as its visionaries like Chris who ensure small towns like Winsted and Lester Prairie will continue to grow and thrive.

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