Where’s Buddy?

budDASSEL, MN – Since the day that Buddy the dog went missing a mile west of Dassel, Dean Straub and his friends have checked miles of roadways and ditches, and made nearly 100 calls

At first, the search started with four-wheelers and canoe, and then by making phone calls. The search kept expanding and every lead was checked into.
Five counties were saturated with the news that Straub and his assistants were looking for Buddy.

“In total, through e-mail, snail mail, phone networking and personal visits, we have been in touch with nine county sheriff’s departments, 18 city police departments, 16 city halls, 21 humane societies, and 25 veterinarian clinics. We posted full color flyers in almost 80 gas stations, sent picture information to 27 ag-related elevators, seed, ATV and implement dealers, and were thrilled to have six different radio stations run free blurbs for us. Photo ads ran in six newspapers, and we posted on Craigslist, Petfinder.com, Facebook, and were noted in online blogs,” commented Severson.

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