Stockholm Lutheran attracts 90+ with Snow Day

Sledding and all kinds of snow fun were the order of the day at Stockholm Lutheran’s 1st Annual “Snow Day” (at “Stockholm Hill”) Sunday, January 11. The event was billed as a “family event” that began as a simple idea, and kept growing and growing into an event with 90+ people in attendance.

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It truly was an amazing sight to behold with a hillside full of people – sleds and tubes flying down the well-groomed hill, bearing riders of all ages, from retired grandparents down to five-month-olds. It was especially fun to see grandparents and grandkids together on sleds, mounds of kids piled onto giant tractor tires stacked “two-high” and people on every imaginable type of sled.
The weather was perfect, and to make things even better, no one had to walk back to the top! There were several people with 4-wheelers and snowmobiles and trailers to whisk riders back to the hilltop for more sledding fun. It was a “win-win” day all the way around! While some were taking snowmobile rides on the twisting hilly trails through Stockholm’s woods, others enjoyed the relaxing, nostalgic old-fashioned sleigh ride on a refurbished sleigh–complete with “jingle bells”!

Several people were heard to say how much fun it was to listen to all the laughter and joyful shouts echoing across the hilly slopes. There were smiles on every face, and the fellowship was warm and welcoming.

Many willing hands were there to help. Not one person said they didn’t have time. People just kept coming and surprising us with these lovely wonderful words, “How can I help?” People helped groom the sliding tracks and trails in the woods, drive 4-wheelers and snowmobiles, cook pizza and hot chocolate, organize the event, welcome people, push sledders and keep things going safely. People helped to tighten scarves, take pictures, and share prayers.

At the end of the day, a big, full moon beamed approvingly down on a few diehards, still on the hill—no doubt anxious for a few more good rides. The wonderful day of snow fun came to a close with pizza, hot chocolate, devotions, and good fellowship.

It was a great day to be together in Jesus’ name at Stockholm.

Snow Day at Stockholm was a wonderful gift to us all. We look forward to the 2nd Annual Stockholm Lutheran Snow Day, the second Sunday of January in 2010!

Written by Pastor Mark Little
Stockholm Lutheran Church


  1. Phyllis Terning says:

    I live in Cokato but I spend my winters in Tucson, Az. ~ I do not know you but will add your name to my prayer list. God has promised to be with us all and He “WILL” be there for you and help. Phyllis Terning

  2. Phyllis Terning says:

    What a “GREAT” idea ! I am down here in Tucson enjoying the middle 70′s and thinking of you all back in the cold and trying to visualize the hill filled with people !! I would have liked to been a part of it but too many miles between us. Glad to hear so many people showed up to add to the enjoyment. God is so GOOD – Thanks for sending me the news via e-mail Pastor Mark…We are so blessed to have you in Stockholm. I get down here and enjoy it so much but will be glad to get back there April 9th.. Phyllis Terning

  3. Sandy Titrud Harkins says:

    It was fun to read this article and see how much fun everyone had and what a wonderful idea. Also, I loved the pictures. I grew up in Stockholm and now live in Wasilla, Alaska so I often check out this sight. At the moment our snow has melted but more is on the way. I can’t think of a better family outing and fellowship for everyone. That is tru country living.

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