Should chickens be allowed in town?

With a committee being formed in Dassel to draft a proposed ordinance to allow chickens in town (click here for full story), the Enterprise Dispatch wants your thoughts. Should chickens (minus roosters) be allowed within city limits? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. Glen says:

    Makes more sense then allowing cats to run loose in Dassel. Joyce, contact me, as I have raised chickens before, and can help with Ideas for pens, etc.

  2. Greener Pastures than DC says:

    Yes, with restrictions for type and location of coup. Additionally, a limit on number of chickens.

  3. Missing the Farm says:

    As the snow melts in Dassel, I am disgusted by the dog droppings that cover lawns – including my own – AND I DO NOT OWN A DOG! Any responsible person should be able to own chickens in Dassel. They are beautiful, pleasant critters, that bring much joy to my family, not to mention tasty eggs. Their manure is useful in the garden – unlike that of dogs and cats, which its toxic. Coops are easy to build, as are chicken tractors, both of which can easily house and support a great many birds in a normal sized back yard. In my opinion, this shouldn’t even be a question, nor should we need the government to regulate this very simple endeavor of animal husbandry.

  4. DCGrandma says:

    I would welcome chickens any time in our neighborhood. We have many, many dogs running around the neighborhood making a mess on everybody’s lawns (not to mention the constant barking – I would welcome even a rooster, or two). The covenants in our neighborhood would not allow chickens (I have been tempted to try it though). I say, “Go for it Dassel!”

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