Senator Newman, who was criticized for not meeting with opponent’s supporters, says it was an error


The Star Tribune reported Tuesday (Jan. 25) that Senator Scott Newman (R-Hutchinson) was refusing to meet with representatives from groups that supported Hal Kimball, Cokato, during the November election according to an email that was written by an assistant. Newman since commented that the email was “just an error.”

According to the article online, Newman turned  down a request by the Minnesota Nurses Association to meet with nurses in District 18 stating that his legislative assistant, Kim Kelley wrote an email that Newman ‘will not see any organizations’ that donated or supported Kimball in the election.

Newman issued a statement that it was just an error made by his new legislative assistant. Newman noted that he was simply trying to limit the number of lobbyists that are coming to see him regarding committees he is on and that what Kelley wrote was not his policy. To read the full story click here.

“While I did not personally send the email, nor was I aware of it, I do apologize for the confusion and frustration it has caused and I accept complete responsibility,” Newman said in an issued statement. “I want to be clear that it is not my policy to reject meeting requests on a political or partisan basis. I look forward to continuing to serve all constituents of Senate District 18 as the legislative session continues.”

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