School safety review completed

DASSEL, COKATO, MN – Superintendent Jeff Powers. during the Nov. 26 Dassel-Cokato School Board meeting, reported that the safety administration committee met with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) specialists to review safety issues for the high school and middle school. The meeting was facilitated by Alisa Johnson, middle school principal.
Overall, the schools received good ratings. Some of the suggestions made by DHS would be to implement the following:
• Blue strobe lights or other exterior indicators to signal that a lockdown has been activated. This signal would be visible from outside of the building.
• Reunification practice for evacuation. This was done several years ago, but it is likely or possible that staff leaders at the school and personnel in fire and rescue may have changed.
• Consider installing more keyless entries to reduce the number of doors left unlocked for convenience. This could entail more hands-on escorting of student groups than the current patterns.

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