Meeker County investigated by Fox 9 News

MEEKER COUNTY, MN – Meeker County has been the subject of two recent Fox 9 investigative reports – one last Thursday focusing on current Sheriff Jeff Norlin and the other that aired Sunday night in which former Sheriff Mike Hirman was the subject. Click here to view Meeker County Line. See today’s Enterprise Dispatch for Norlin’s response to Thursday’s investigative report.


  1. Kristy Breault says:

    Kristen, I see that you forgot to add the part about Eric Norlan chasing my girls and then rear ending the back of my car while they both where driving. Sheriff Norlan also did not tell you that my girls had a restraining order against his boys for two years because of this incident. Also, Ms. Van Pilsum had stated that one of the reports was put under without a name. Why was this? Why didn’t you ask him about when Ben was running back to Daddy in Meeker county and nothing was put over the air waves. It seems to me, that your story is one cited to make the sheriff look good in every body’s eyes. It ain’t so. Don’t believe the Sheriff’s words because it he said it didn’t happen the way the truth came out. Maybe you need to look at the reports better.

  2. Kristen, you and I have heard the standard line out of these county politicians so many times it makes me ill. “That information is filled with inaccuracies.” Yet no explanation as to the inaccuracies.
    What is clear is this. Sheriff Norlin is conflicted as to where his loyalties lie. With his son? Or with the officers he is sworn to support and protect?
    What also seems to escape your hubris is the testimony of many people whose children have been destroyed by the vile workings of the most horrible drug–meth. Have you seen what this does to a human? A user? Your article is irresponsible journalism at its worst. You should be ashamed!

  3. Lori Musolf says:

    Kristen, your report doesn’t surprise me. Just another example of small town media trying to cover-up for big time corruption! The facts are there, read them and weep!

  4. dc grad says:

    Wow, I am glad I don’t live in Litchfield, or Meeker County for that matter.

  5. Former meeker resident says:

    come one and all to meeker county where your consitutional rights are void and your children can suffer at the hands of this meth infested county good work good ole boys club you’ve put meeker county on the map of places NOT to live

  6. scarred of the law in Meeker county says:

    Meeker county is still breaking the law I made reports of child abuse and asked my name not be reported cause I was in fear for my life and meeker county released my name and phone # also what I reported and gave this info to a mentality I’ll person

  7. Sherburne county father says:

    At least they did a welfare check for you! I caught wind of my children being left alone by my ex wife all of the time when it was her time to have them and not of age to be alone. She was even booked and held in Stearns co jail on felony charges on a day when she had them. I work in the cities and lived in Watkins at the time. I called to have a welfare check done and told the deputy these things and he would not do, he used his own discretion. They are a joke !
    I since have moved to sherburne co and they have been nothing but great with advice and very helpful for myself.
    My advice to any one that has to deal with meeker co is to record every conversation with them and document everything. Save every letter and envelope from them too.

  8. Musolf is a head case says:

    There goes Lori Musolf again butting her nose into other peoples business. According to her every freaking place in america is corrupt but her home. Some day soon we all just hope she goes away. she is causing more harm. she is not a child advocate either, she just butts into others lives and makes everyone look at her. looser.

  9. Chris says:

    Seen the comment from dc grad and I had to respond. Have people not noticed that this is the same old same old no matter where you live? Cops loyalty lies with other cops , judges and prosecutors. These are the three groups of people that matter in this country not the citizens! Cops don’t forget who they are sworn to protect, themselves! To the ignorant individual who commented July 6th, all I can say to you is open your eyes, stop watching fox news and learn to spell loser, which you should know by now because you are one

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