Greetings from sunny Tuscon

sunA note from Phyllis Terning:  “Hello from sunny Tucson ! Yes, it is sunny but also can get cold at times too. All in all it beats the snow in Mn. ! ! I love it here for the 3 1/2 months each year. I sure have had an abundance of fruit to harvest this year as in other years too. I have had a lot of company to help me tho as we pick it, bag it and put it out near the street in our park.

ternThe aroma is so great right now as the trees are all in bloom. There are so many fruit trees (oranges, grapefruit, kumquats and lemons, but people pick them up as fast as we could pick them. It is a real job tho as some are so high in the trees. The one picture is of me resting under my orange tree, (ha-ha) one of my granddaughter, Nicolle Erickson picking grapefruit. The one of the sunset I must admit I sort of cheated on as I put my sun glasses over the lens ! ! God’s truly gave us a beautiful sunset anyway tho that day. (No snow in my area this year though !)” Phyllis Terning

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  1. Kathy Kautz says:

    We miss you stopping in. You and Ethal will be so surprised when you come visit next. Hurry Home. Kathy.

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