Do you remember old time threshing?

thHOWARD LAKE-WAVERLY, MN – As harvest gets underway, the newspaper is in the process of writing an article about old time threshing machines, and the memories of those great pieces of equipment.

Do you remember old time thrashing? Was it hot and dusty? Or were you in the kitchen, with your mom, bringing out jugs of cold beverages to the workers?

How about this: was it true that cold beer was brought to the workers? How long of a day was it? How many farms would they do at a time? Was it dangerous?  Send comments to  Don’t underestimate even small comments . . . people are getting older and those memories will be sealed forever once the last generation passes with vivid memories of this important part of our history.

Shown is a photo of threshing being done Aug. 8, 1968, at the Holdrien Oelke farm near Waverly. On top of the load is Wally Bergmann, Holdrein’s son-in-law. On top of the thresher is Walter Arnold, neighbor. The photo is courtesy of Karen Bergmann.

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