DC Schools respond to message written on bathroom wall

DASSEL, COKATO, MN – Dassel-Cokato School District administation sent the following letter to parents Thursday, Nov. 9 in response to a threat written on a wall:
“Dear Parent/Guardian of a
D-C High School or Middle School student:
Wednesday evening we were made aware of a vague, low level threat written on the wall of a high school bathroom which said “People will die 11/10/17.”
Aside from the date, this is the exact phrasing we dealt with in a very similar situation April of 2016.
Unfortunately, this type of incident has become fairly common in schools resulting in unnecessary disruption and angst for students and families. It is important to know that, nationwide, there has never been an act of school violence following a message of the type we are dealing with. 100 percent of the time it has been nothing but a student trying to disrupt the school day and/or get out of school.
Knowing this, we still realize that this kind of message does cause various levels of discomfort for parents and students. In response, we have worked closely with the Wright County Sheriff’s office to verify the low level status of the threat and discuss an appropriate response. Our response, in addition to our normal controlled access and supervision, will be an additional police presence tomorrow.
Another important fact is that there has never been a school shooting when armed law enforcement have been on site. We are confident that the additional police presence will make the day even safer than usual.
Perpetrators, if caught, will be dealt with both by authorities and the school district. We will continue to investigate this and a reward will be paid for any information leading to the conviction of any individuals involved.
Please be assured that we expect our buildings to be safe and secure Friday, November 10.”

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