Dawn Gillman candidate profile for DC School Board

DASSEL, COKATO, MN – EDITORS NOTE: We are publishing this candidate profile online because it was not included in the print version of Enterprise Dispatch.

Candidate for DC School Board: Dawn Gillman

Husband: Brian Gillman of 24 years. Five kids: Claire Sophomore College, Olivia Freshman College, Eli freshman at DC, Monte 7th grade and Molly 3rd grade at Dassel Elementary.

Graduated at Dassel Cokato in 1992

Graduated from St Cloud Technical College with CDA, RDA

Lived in the area my whole life….

Worked in Dental Offices, Homemaker, Professional Network Marketing of a team over 500 people Internationally and currently involved in our family business Porta-Dock in Consulting and General Management of a team over 40 in Dassel. I also enjoy Motivational Speaking, Volunteering with youth and sharing hope with all ages.


I was on the Dassel City Council for six years, Police Board, Nursing Home Board and on New Era Financial Executive Board. Those experiences with gathering information, working with statutes and personalities of the people have given me some of the best training for my life.


I am running for school board number one because I was personally asked to by an upstanding citizen and secondly I believe I can bring to the table some enthusiastic energy to help bring connections. Top of my list is bringing awareness to the culture of our students, helping empower our community, staff, volunteers to uphold our Character Pillars through education, support, having training to help us where we are needing improvement and see results in our successes.

I have a strong conviction to help our students, faculty and community understand Diversity. Through small groups, training and coaching I believe we can get a glimpse of our huge world by bringing in acceptance, kindness and focus on our Character Pillar Respect. In the early 1990’s when I was in Highschooll at Dassel Cokato these Pillars were made and I believe we can take a better look at them and build bridges of Unity into our schools, which in turn will impact our homes, lives of others and impact the world on a greater level.

I have grown up here, had kids in Public School, homeschooled and now in the last several years had kids in our school system. I have been their educator and now have locked arms with those educating, and those caring for our 3 kids still in school. My experience with the Dassel Cokato staff has been a delight, to have the support from academics, music to sports.

Personally and professionally I have participated in hundreds of hours of training on leadership, personal development, and have found that through sharing my story through Speaking Events no matter what race, gender, age or religion we can connect on a deeper level through choosing kindness. I love kids! I am so comfortable talking to kids, and would love them to be apart of the big vision for our kids future going out into the world and being a light. Finding solutions to the problem and also seeing things through others eyes and perspectives is what can bring about change

in a positive way.

If the community chooses me to represent them I will listen, ask questions, bring concerns to the table and emerse my self in the common goals we are striving for. My goal is to bring back a School of National Excellence on all levels. Through Respect, Responsibity, Resiliency, Integrity, Compassion and Understanding Diversity I know we can! We are the Dassel-Cokato Chargers!


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