Dassel’s Crest Healthcare Supply expands Safety Net infection control partnership

DASSEL – Crest Healthcare Supply, a Dassel-based supplier of medical products in the healthcare industry, has expanded its relationship with infection control partner, Safety Net. Crest now offers Safety Net’s electrostatic sprayers and disinfectants, which is a line of whole room disinfection systems for healthcare facilities.

“We’re excited to add these cost-effective, innovative products from our trusted partner to our offering as we continue to meet the on-going needs of our customers,” said Tim Kuck, President and CEO of Crest. “We’ve received positive feedback on the ease of use of this ‘do it yourself’ technology and associated cost-savings for senior living communities.”

To meet healthcare standards and the rigorous demands for infection control, the sprayers use electrostatic technology which provides superior spray coverage. The electrical charge creates a natural force of attraction between the droplets and targeted surface.

“Infection control and prevention has never been more important than it is today. The spread of harmful, and more frequently deadly, pathogens is a concern for everyone,” said Ron Romano, Founder and CEO of Safety Net. The sanitization line is a solution for bio-security, fighting Coronavirus, MRSA, E. Coli, salmonella, swine flu, C. Diff, H1N1, and various other bacteria and viruses.

Founded in 1967, Crest Healthcare is headquartered in Dassel, and is an ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturer of FDA registered Pillow Speakers, Nurse Call Stations, Nurse Call Cords, and Bed Control Equipment.

To learn more about electrostatic sprayers and disinfectant options, contact Crest at 1-800-328-8908 or visit www.cresthealthcare.com.

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