Dassel-Cokato School Board minutes 9/26/22

In partnership with our communities and families, we will educate and inspire all learners to maximize their potential, promote lifelong learning, and become contributing members of society.
Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Board of Education of Independent School District No. 466 (Dassel-Cokato, Minnesota) was duly held in the Dassel-Cokato High School Media Center, Cokato, Minnesota, on Monday, September 26, 2022.
Aho called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.
The following members were present: Sangren, Bohnsack, Nelson, Grochow, Aho and Miller. The following were absent: None
The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance.
Motion by Grochow, seconded by Miller, approving the agenda as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Nelson, seconded by Bohnsack, approving payment of bills as presented including payroll, hand payables and contingency totaling $2,191,346.48. Motion carried unanimously. (A complete list of bills is available from the District Office for review.)
Communications / Open Forum: None
Courtesy & Respect Award: None
Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) Report: None
MAWSECO Report: Minutes from last meeting sent to board members, and will meet again Tuesday. SEE Report: Raymond and Grochow attended the last meeting and legislative agenda was presented Community Education: Meeting is on Thursday
Business Manager’s Report: Business Manager Palmer gave an overview of the 21-22 audit. Emphasis on the relationship between the increasing fund balance and the Federal grant money that is allowing the net positive balance. Each of the funds were reviewed. The auditors will present their report in October for final board approval.
Superintendent’s Report: Superintendent Raymond reported on the staffing update for the beginning of the school year. He discussed routing software for the transportation team. The chiller was delivered to the rec. center last week. Discussed the meetings with SiteLogic for building updates to take place summer of 2023.
Principals’ Report: None
Motion by Grochow, seconded by Sangren, approving all consent items including: Approval of Minutes from August 22, 2022 Regular Board Meeting and September 12, 2022 Work Session Meeting. Approval of Wire Transfers; August 23rd for $100,000, August 31st for $750,000, September 12th for $300,000, and September 15th for $700,000. Personnel Items; Resignation of Denise Bloom as Cokato Elementary Title 1 Paraeducator effective 8/29/2022, Resignation of Kendra Johnson as a Middle School Paraeducator effective 8/24/2022,
Resignation of Brenda Mingo as a Charger Kids Club Assistant Site Supervisor effective 9/27/2022, Resignation of Kelsey Procel as Cokato Elementary Paraeducator effective 6/3/2022, Resignation of Scott Olson as a part time Middle School Custodian effective 9/16/2022, Employment of Warren Pringnitz as a day shift High School Custodian effective 9/12/2022, Employment of Gina Aho as a Cokato Elementary Title 1 Paraeducator effective 9/6/2022, Employment of Michelle Pellett as a Cokato Elementary Kitchen Assistant effective 9/15/2022, Employment of Angela Hopkins as Middle School Secretary effective 9/6/2022, Employment of Heather Sullivan as a Type III Driver effective 9/1/2022, Employment of Nicole Schutte as a Dassel Elementary Paraeducator effective 9/1/2022, Employment of Rochelle Mackedanz as CDL Bus Driver effective 9/1/2022, Employment of Danielle Fratzke as ECFE Paraeducator effective 8/30/2022, Employment of Karen Latt as a Type III Driver effective 9/15/2022, Assignment of Amy Thostenson as Dassel Elementary school patrol advisor, Assignment of Kim Pennala as Cokato Elementary school patrol advisor, Approval of a lane changes for Brice Berggren from MA+15 to MA+45 and for Laura Eastling from MA+30 to MA+45. Approval of additional Fall 2022 Community Education Coaches/Instructors; Aquatic: Sara Keskey, Logan Christopherson, Naomi Acosta, Marlee Cates, Mick Gallagher, Lauren Mattila, Evan Johnson, Payten Franklin, Grace Lundeen, Eliana Hoffman, Eliana Tagarro, Rozlynn Loeschen, Kaleb Lang, Kendra Clemen & Abbey Lang, Charger Kids Club: Jennifer Todnem, Vicky Sager, Karen Swendra, Joy Beasley, Lisa Grack, John Beasley, Alexandria Danielson, Jennie Beasley, Marlee Cates, Kezia Lee, Carolyn Hohenstein, Payten Franklin, Kendra Clemen, Kamea Rosenquist, Avery Wilson, Annalie Kilpela, Grace Hanson, Katie Hiivala, Isaiah Kalis, Mary Lunquist, RaeLynn Gottschalk, Caitlin Kangas, Nicole Bollin, Youth Enrichment: Aron Bohnert, Teresa Harmala, Annette Bohnsack, Sandy Stertz, Ruth Kivisto, Adult Enrichment: Brent Woodfill, Jennifer Money, Jolene Carlson, Annette Bohnsack, Becca Luebbers, Adult Recreation: Mechele Pitchford, Amanda Berg, Gymnastics: Paula Wente, Alex Halonen, Basketball: Adam Gedde, Steve Quern, Tim Trocke, Brett Mayfield, Chad Harrison, Matt Whittaker, Dan Smock, Gabe Aamot, Tim Aamot, Volleyball: Linda Resop, Cory Peterson, Kassidy Anderson, Kristi Abrahamson, Marissa Woolhouse, Amy Onell, Adriana Forsman, Maggie Gehlen, Karen Barton, Nicole Lasanen, Evelyn Resop, Archery: William Bull, Soccer: Eddy Larios, Kelsi Posusta, Claire Raymond, Derek Levno, Don Hoversten, Peter Sontag, Ashley Hofius, Cheerleading: Justin Larson, Wrestling: Bryan Clemen, Paul Halonen, Chris Meisch, Dan Buker, Football: Ryan Weinandt, Greg Peterson, Pat Niska, Mick Yanke, Ryan Chatterton, Matt Whittaker, Ben Beckman, Brian Westby, Johnny Blom, Chris Meisch, Joshua Roles, Chris Winkelman, Dan Landrus, Lars Anderson, Brandon Loewel, Ben Vogelpohl, Brice Berggren, Peter Sontag, Marcus Halverson, Carl Aho, Phil Johnson, Darren Grangroth, John Heltunen, Dale Ely, Ski Club: Chuck Keskey, Gary Hoikka, Outdoor Hockey: Mike Koivisto. Approved request for up to 12 weeks FMLA leave for Erica Lindquist beginning approximately 12/16/2022 through 3/20/2023. Acceptance of Donations; For Activities Advertising: Machining & Welding – $1,500, Holt Motors – $1,500, Winsted Dental – $1,500, Parts City of Cokato – $1,500, Bohnsack Family Dentistry – $1,500, Brandel Electric – $1,500, Marketplace – $1,500, Porta Dock – $1,500, Contributions to the Digital Scoreboards: DC Volleyball Boosters – $1,000, B & P Drywall – $2,500, Cokato Motor Sales – $2,500, AR Engh Heating and AC Inc – $5,000, From MN Historical Society – $396 to support DE field trip, From DC Wrestling Boosters – $1,592 for wrestling mat, From Reed Pankake – $250 to the activities department, From Coborn’s – $42.53 to Cokato Elementary, From Meeker Cooperative Electric Trust – $3,500 grant for Charger Time at the Middle School (applied for by Amy Onell), From Gethsemane Lutheran Church – $50 for school supplies at Dassel Elementary, From WELCA Gethsemane Lutheran Church – $200 for school supplies at Dassel Elementary, From Gethsemane Lutheran Church coffee group – $96 to be used to help Elementary family lunch accounts, From Holt Motors – $2,000 to the custodial scholarship fund. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Nelson, seconded by Miller, certify proposed 2022 Payable 2023 Levy. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Grochow, seconded by Sangren, changes to authorizing signers of contingency account drafts. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Bohnsack, seconded by Nelson, close of open enrollment in grades 2 and 8. Motion carried unanimously.
Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:46 PM.
/s/Chuck Nelson, Clerk
This document is available in the following formats upon request: Braille, Large Print, Audio Cassette Tape, and Computer Disk. Please call (320-286-4100) for more information or to request a copy.
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch, October 14, 2022.

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