Cokato ordinance changes

Ordinance Summary Publication
City of Cokato Ordinances
On June 13, 2022 City Council for the City of Cokato, Minnesota adopting the following Ordinances. A printed copy of the ordinance is available for inspection during regular office hours at City Hall or on the city’s website at Approved for publication is the following summary:
• Amendment of Section 51 of the City Code as it pertains to allowable Plumbing Materials.
• Amendment Section 95.04 of the City Code Public Nuisances affecting Peace and Safety by adopting Noise Regulations.
As authorized by Minnesota Statutes, Section 412.191, subd. 4, the City Council has determined that publication of the title and summary of the ordinances will clearly inform the public of the intent and effect of the ordinances.
Brad Potter
City Administrator
City of Cokato
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch, July 1, 2022.

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