City of Dassel declares community health emergency

DASSEL – The City of Dassel has officially adopted a resolution declaring a community health emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The city council met Tuesday evening to discuss the situation, and to ensure the city had a plan in place for keeping citizens safe.
Mayor Ron Hungerford wanted to make sure residents understand the city is taking these steps to promote safety, reduce concern, and ensure the city continues to operate and provide vital services to residents.
The council wanted to stress that the following city buildings will not be accessible to the public until further notice:
• Dassel City Hall and the Community Room;
• Dassel Library;
• Dassel History Center, Museum, and Community Center;
• Public Works buildings.
The Liquor Store will remain open until further notice.
City employees will be reachable by phone and email.

The full, three-phase emergency plan will appear in the Friday, March 20 Enterprise Dispatch.

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