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kids2DASSEL-COKATO, MN – Ten middle school students were presented with a $3,000 check Thursday for a public service video (below) about flu prevention.

“Don’t Be Flu-Lish: Tips for Staying Healthy This Flu Season” was the grand prize winner in the Kohl’s and Children’s Influenza Prevention Project for Kids.
The students, mostly eighth graders, were part of the school’s “Unplugged” newscast (shown weekly) under the advisory of Sue Sparboe and Pam Beckermann.
SHOWN: Ten students who were involved with the “Flu-Lish” video are pictured along with their teachers and the “Unplugged” editors. Front row – Ashley Stahl, Mercedes Lemke, Matt Hendrickson, Katie Tillman; middle row – Sue Sparboe (teacher), Trent Krekelberg, Caleb Hendrickson, Gabby Funk, Kendra DuChaine, Ryan Paulson (HS student advisor); back row – Cody Forester, Michael Chvojicek, Jack Raisanen, Corey Siltala, Kristina Tormanen, Pam Beckermann (teacher).


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  1. Anne Diers says:

    Well done students! Howard Lake is my “hometown” but now I teach school in northeast Wisconsin. I will share your excellent video with my school nurse. I applaud your cleverness and your talented delivery. It was fun and informational!

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