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DC Class of 2022 photo gallery

Congratulations to all Dassel-Cokato graduates and your families.  You did it!

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DC School Board tables Policy 491 decision due to medical emergency

The Dassel-Cokato School Board released a statement this morning in regard to its meeting yesterday, which ended abruptly due to a medical emergency.  The statement reads:

“The Dassel-Cokato School Board met for a special meeting tonight (Wednesday, January 12th) to take action on pending Policy 491- Vaccination, Testing and Face Covering.  Legal council joined the meeting virtually to answer questions and provide advice before voting.  During the course of the meeting, a medical emergency occurred prompting the board to recess.  A decision was made to postpone the meeting and reconvene next week due to an evolving medical situation.   The board adjourned with no action on the policy, another special meeting will occur next week, time and date to be determined.”

Approximately 75 people were present in the audience during the meeting.  Board Chair Bill Aho told the audience at the beginning of the meeting that it was not a public forum.

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DC School Board Saturday session regarding upcoming ETS draws vocal crowd

By Jacob Wandersee

Approximately 150 people were on hand for Dassel-Cokato’s special school board meeting that took place on Saturday at 9 am. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss policy 491, a potential new district policy regarding the upcoming OSHA ETS (Emergency Temporary Standard).

According to Superintendent Mark Raymond, this ETS will affect two-thirds of private businesses and around 84 million people. Currently, at the time of this writing, the mandate is being deliberated upon in the Supreme Court. These deliberations started on Friday morning, as the justices determine if this mandate is constitutional.

The federal mandate would call for any employer in the country with over 100 employees to require employees to either be vaccinated or wear a mask and later in February begin to test weekly.

There are three different potential outcomes that can occur. First, the court could not make a ruling by Monday, which is the most likely option. This would in effect put the mandate in place across the country until they make an official decision.

Otherwise, the court could either make an official ruling of stay, meaning it is enacted and deemed appropriate or they could deem it unconstitutional, officially putting an end to the ETS.

As a part of the meeting, the board, per usual, had an open forum. During this time, around 25 different people spoke to the board, sharing their opinions and beliefs about the ETS, COVID-19, vaccines, masks and the government.

Generally, the bulk of the comments were opposed to the ETS. Many also implored the board to take a stand against the government and ignore any potential court rulings, citing individual freedom as the primary reason.

After almost two hours, the board ended the open forum. As far as Policy 491, the board decided to enter a closed session to try to consult legal counsel regarding a plan of action.

Around 45 minutes later, the board returned to reopen the meeting, sharing that they were unable to contact legal. The board decided to table Policy 491 in an official motion until they could consult legal.

This action caused a stir in the audience who opposed this motion with multiple audience members even calling for the dismissal of Superintendent Raymond.

As it stands now, the district, along with every business with over 100 employees, will have staff members either prove vaccination status or be asked to wear a mask on Monday until the court makes an official ruling.

Raymond is working to connect with the district’s legal counsel in order to schedule a time for a potential emergency board meeting to further discuss Policy 491.

Cokato Corn Carnival Raffle Winners

COKATO, MN–Here’s the list of winners from last night’s Cokato Corn Carnival Raffle!
Cokato Corn Carnival Cash & Car Prize Winners:
$100–Amanda Rynanen–Buffalo
$100–Durand Meisenbach
$100–Doug Huhn– Darwin
$100–Lynn Lahr–Cokato
$100–Curt Galup–Dassel
$100–Michael Bickman–Winsted
$100–John Hurley–Kimball
$1,000–Matt Primmer
$1,500–Brian Meyer–Howard Lake
$2,000–Tara Hemkes–Cokato
$100–Katie Hendrickson–Dassel
$100–Gordon Kotila–Cokato
$100–Craig Brose–Howard Lake
$100–Frank Cruz–Cokato
$100–Robert Stevens–Inver Gr. Heights
$100–Greg Cressy–Woodbury
$100–Wendy Neu–Cokato
$100–Rocky Fontana–Cokato
$100–Tom Glessing–Cokato
$100–Shanda Hubbell
$500–Joe Wald–Cokato
Car–Nancy Grossinger–Watkins

Dassel’s Red Rooster celebration canceled

DASSEL – The Red Rooster Committee and its Ambassador Committee, along with City of Dassel representatives, recently made the decision to cancel the 2020 Red Rooster celebration.

Officials cited several reasons for the decision, including uncertainty about how to safely control social gatherings during the COVID-19 threat, the health and safety of volunteers, and ongoing economic uncertainty.

After meeting with the candidates and their parents, the Ambassador Committee is making plans to have different summer activities and a change to the program and coronation.  They will be following the guidelines and recommendations of the state at all times.  Details will be announced.

The Red Rooster celebration will take place in 2021.




Winstock 2020 Postponed to June 18-19, 2021

Following much thought, discussion, and prayer, the Winstock Country Music Festival Committee is saddened to announce the Winstock Country Music Festival, scheduled for Friday-Saturday, June 12-13, 2020, in Winsted, MN, is being postponed until Friday-Saturday, June 18-19, 2021.

“We held out on making this decision as long as we could, but we realize people need to adjust their plans accordingly,” Winstock Country Music Festival Committee Chairman Dave Danielson said. “With the COVID-19 pandemic, there are just too many unknowns with what the world will look like by June. As much as it hurts us to postpone Winstock, we think it is the right thing to do.”

Going into its 27th year, Winstock Country Music Festival is an annual fundraising event for Holy Trinity Catholic Schools in Winsted.

“This is a tough one,” Danielson continued. “Without Winstock in June, it is going to be very hard financially on Holy Trinity Schools.”


All ticket and camping orders placed at last year’s event or through Winstock’s online/phone ordering system for Winstock this year will be valid for the rescheduled dates in June 2021. Fans who have placed orders with Winstock will receive correspondence via US Mail within the next 7-10 days with additional information on their tickets/camping. As organizers work through additional details, the Winstock website will also be updated accordingly. Please watch for this mailing and an opportunity to contribute to Holy Trinity Catholic Schools.

“This is something we’ve never had to deal with,” Danielson said. “We are asking for everyone’s patience and support as we work through this to make sure we take care of our fans in the best manner possible. While we understand times are tough for a lot of folks, we are also hopeful some of them will consider giving a contribution to the school if they are able.”

The Winstock phone information line and e-mail system is manned by volunteers. To avoid it being overwhelmed, please refrain from calling or e-mailing at this time, and watch for communication via US Mail. If you do need to reach out with specific questions, organizers ask you be patient for a response.

The Winstock Committee is working with artist management in Nashville in an attempt to keep the artist lineup as in tact as possible for the event in 2021. Some artists may not be able to perform on the rescheduled dates, and updates to the lineup will be shared once known. The dates in 2021 are one week later than the normal weekend of Winstock due to a scheduling conflict with a large event in Nashville, but organizers feel moving it a week later provides the best opportunity to secure talent.

“Our fans can be rest assured we will work hard to provide the best lineup possible,” Danielson said. “As we’ve said before, the health and safety of our volunteers, fans, the artists and their crews, as well as our community of Winsted, is our top priority. We are hopeful to work through this together with our fans and that they will join us in 2021 for the best Winstock yet.”