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Letters to the editor policy

DASSEL, COKATO, MN – Letters to the Editor policy 2018
Letters are welcome at Enterprise Dispatch ( and will be printed whenever possible. We may edit them for grammar, style, etc.
Letters should be 300 words or fewer.
Those referring to a previous letter may be edited to avoid embarrassment for the original writer. Please address the issue in question, but do not attack another writer.
Form letters sent to numerous newspapers, or from writers beyond our circulation area, may be rejected unless the letter significantly contributes value to the viewpoints page.
All letters must carry at least one writer’s name and city of residence. If it is on behalf of a group or organization, that may be stated, but the letter must be from a person(s).
Please include a daytime phone number (not for publication)  for verification when submitting your letter.
Each person is limited to two letters of a political/campaign nature during the “political season” which is defined the opening of the filing period through Election Day.
We will not publish form letters that are political in nature, or endorse or condemn a candidate for office.
We do not promise or guarantee that all letters will be published.
Preference will be given to local letter writers. We typically do not publish letters from writers outside our core circulation area. Those from outside our core circulation area may contact our display advertising department and purchase an ad to get their message published.
We will publish one announcement when a candidate announces he/she will run for office, either at the time of the announcement or at the time the candidate files. These will run in the news section and will be limited to a maximum of 100 words and include a mug shot photo if provided by the candidate.
We may publish letters in the final issue before an election, but not late attacks or charges that cannot be responded to. The editor is responsible for preventing such occurrences, and will err on the side of safety when necessary.
“Legislative updates” from current elected officials will be considered separate from letters to the editor, provided they are issue-based, rather than political in nature.

DASSEL – Sunrise Diner closed Saturday

Co-owner John Dietering of Dassel’s Sunrise Diner reported Monday morning that the business closed the doors to the diner permanently.

Diertering expressed gratitude to the citizens of Dassel for their constant support.  “The people of Dassel were very good to us.  They gave us business,” he said.  “And they tipped more than they should have.”

When Dietering put up several signs near the highway pointing to the diner, he said MnDot quickly removed them.

“There just isn’t enough volume,” Dietering said.  And while he and his co-owners may sell or lease the business, he isn’t entirely certain what will come next.  He has owned eight or nine businesses throughout his life.

“You win some, you lose some,” he said.



PHOTO GALLERY – Illuminate the Trail

A photo gallery featuring images from the Dassel-Cokato “Illuminate the Trail” event on May 20 may be viewed here:

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PHOTO GALLERY – MPA drumline competition, featuring Dassel Cokato’s ‘Activate.’

The Minnesota Percussion Association held a drumline competition at Dassel Cokato High School last Saturday.  The DC drumline’s performance, Activate, took first place in the Percussion Scholastic A category.

All competitors are featured in the gallery.  See DC’s drumline in action on pages 3 and 4, and at the bottom of page 5.

Check out all of the photos here:

Watch the Enterprise Dispatch for an article about, and photos from, the competition.

Cokato fire and ambulance get ready for new fire hall

COKATO, MN – With the new Cokato fire and ambulance station just a month away from being substantially completed, the departments are starting to plan out what they will be moving over to the new station and what will need to be purchased.

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Cokato Fire Chief Hutch Erickson informed the council of a generator the fire department would like to donate to Dassel’s Fire Relief, and of interior supplies it plans to purchase once the fire and ambulance hall is completed. Department funds would be used to purchase these items.

Cokato Fire Chief Hutch Erickson informed the council of a generator the fire department would like to donate to Dassel’s Fire Relief, and of interior supplies it plans to purchase once the fire and ambulance hall is completed. Department funds would be used to purchase these items.

Meeker County seeks internet input

Meeker County knows that internet access is a must in today’s technology driven world for quality of life, work, business, and education.
Meeker County has hired Design Nine as the broadband/internet access consultant to help study broadband/internet availability and service in Meeker County.
Meeker County residents are asked to help by filling out a survey about current internet service and/or the lack of service.
Survey information gathered from residents in Meeker County will help create options for future planning of internet/broadband services for residents of Meeker County.
Participation in this survey is highly needed and greatly appreciated.
For further information, see under the Broadband button. Questions may be  emailed to
Use the provided web site links to fill out the surveys online, and click the submit button at the end of the survey: Residential Survey:; Business Survey:
If unable to access online, call (320) 693-5272 and paper copy will be mailed.