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Wright County residents responding to 2020 census in large percentages

WRIGHT COUNTY – The Wright County Board of Commissioners was presented with updated 2020 US Census data last week that showed the progress that has been made in the self-response portion of the census data collection.

The United States Census Bureau makes every effort to get a complete count of the population because those numbers are used to provide funding for education, infrastructure, health care and employment training to name a few. Every community is urged to provide as complete a population count as possible to get their share of federal and state funding for programs that are based on population.

Most people have either filled out their Census form online or have mailed in a paper hard copy form. Minnesota has consistently been one of the top-ranked states for the percentage of the population that completes the form via self-response. 2020 has been no different. Through June 29, Minnesota has a completed self-response rate of 71.3 percent. Wright County currently has a self-response rate of 75.0 percent, one of the highest return rates in the state.

Four Wright County cities have a response rate of more than 80 percent – Hanover (85.6 percent), Delano (83.2 percent), St. Michael (82.8 percent) and Buffalo (80.9 percent). Five townships have a self-response rate of more than 80 percent – Buffalo (84.9 percent), Chatham (84.8 percent), Rockford (84.5 percent), Franklin (84.1 percent) and Monticello (83.7 percent).

Five cities have already had a self-response rate that was higher than the entire 2010 Census period – Buffalo, Clearwater, Hanover, Maple Lake and St. Michael – as well as two townships – Clearwater and Marysville.

On the flip side, two cities have a response rate to date of less than 60 percent – Waverly (58.4 percent) and Howard Lake (46.7 percent). Three townships currently has a self-response rate of less than 60 percent – French Lake (52.3 percent), Corinna (49.7 percent) and Southside (40.5 percent).

Here is the complete listing of the self-response rates of cities and townships in Wright County.

Note: The numbers following the city/township are the response rates through the period ending June 29, 2020, followed by the total self-response rate from that city or township during the 2010 Census.

City/Township – 2020 to date/2010 total


Albertville – 77.7 percent/79.0 percent

Annandale – 68.4 percent/75.5 percent

Buffalo – 80.9 percent/78.5 percent

Clearwater – 76.8 percent/73.2 percent

Cokato – 70.6 percent/78.3 percent

Dayton – 77.1 percent/82.7 percent

Delano – 83.2 percent/84.0 percent

Hanover – 85.6 percent/83.3 percent

Howard Lake – 46.7 percent/74.8 percent

Maple Lake – 75.9 percent/74.8 percent

Monticello – 73.7 percent/77.4 percent

Montrose – 72.4 percent/74.5 percent

Otsego – 75.7 percent/77.6 percent

Rockford – 77.6 percent/79.1 percent

South Haven 69.3 percent/86.7 percent

St. Michael – 82.8 percent/82.0 percent

Waverly – 58.4 percent/72.5 percent


Albion – 71.4 percent/74.8 percent

Buffalo – 84.9 percent/85.9 percent

Chatham – 84.8 percent/86.7 percent

Clearwater – 66.5 percent/66.5 percent

Cokato – 73.3 percent/80.4 percent

Corinna – 49.7 percent/50.8 percent

Franklin – 84.1 percent/86.8 percent

French Lake – 52.3 percent/56.4 percent

Maple Lake – 67.9 percent/71.4 percent

Marysville – 79.4 percent/77.2 percent

Middleville – 76.8 percent/84.2 percent

Monticello – 83.6 percent/86.0 percent

Rockford – 84.5 percent/84.7 percent

Silver Creek – 75.6 percent/76.8 percent

Southside – 40.5 percent/45.9 percent

Stockholm – 72.2 percent/74.4 percent

Victor – 70.2 percent/78.0 percent

Woodland – 77.3 percent/84.5 percent

Minnesota courts to require face coverings beginning Monday, July 13

WRIGHT COUNTY – Wright County Court Administration shared information about face cover requirements to begin soon in all Minnesota courts.

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled July 8 that face coverings will be required in all court spaces.

Beginning Monday, July 13, face coverings will be required in all court facilities in Minnesota. If someone does not have a face covering, they are required to check in with court staff immediately upon their arrival. Those who have a required court visit and are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, or have had COVID-19 exposure in the previous 14 days, they are required to contact the court or their attorney as soon as possible. All people entering a court facility are required to adhere to Minnesota Department of Health social distancing guidelines.

Remote hearings will continue to take place in the majority of cases. That information is contained on hearing notices as to whether the hearing will be conducted remotely, or if an appearance is required. Self-help services will continue to be conducted by phone or email only.

Wright County Court Administration’s public service counter and public access terminals are open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

To learn more about safety measures all courts are following to reduce the spread of COVID-19, go to To learn more how courts have responded to COVID-19, go to

Dassel-Cokato Schools to survey district families about potential school scenarios

DASSEL-COKATO – Families in the Dassel-Cokato School District will receive a survey to assess their feelings about potential distance learning scenarios.  The survey will be sent through the district’s Campus system Tuesday, July 14, and will be open for one week.

Governor Tim Walz is expected to make a decision about how students will return to school this fall at the end of the month. In the meanwhile, the Minnesota Department of Education directed school districts to plan for three possible scenarios: in-person learning, a hybrid model, and distance learning. The expectation is for schools to have these plans ready to implement at any given time throughout the school year.

Part of the planning for these scenarios includes taking into account busing and possibly having to reduce the total number of students on a bus each morning and afternoon. Serving breakfasts, lunches, and snacks may look different because of health and safety requirements. District staff needs to make sure they continue to understand the technology capabilities and needs of students and families.
The survey will be sent through the district’s Campus system Tuesday, July 14, and will be open for one week. For help accessing a school account, email, or call 320-286-4100 ext. 1884.

DC Community Ed offers Eureka Engineering

DASSEL-COKATO – Dassel-Cokato Schools is offering Eureka Engineering for students who have completed grades 5 through 8 during 2019-2020.

Eureka Engineering teaches core skills of robotics and other STEM areas by having students use LEGO Mindstorm kits.

The course takes place Monday, July 20 through Wednesday, July 22 at the DC Middle School Commons.

Registration is available via the district’s website, at, or by calling 320-286-4120.

Twine Ball Day rolls away until 2021

DARWIN – Twine Ball Day 2020 has been canceled according to Darwin Mayor Josh Johnson.

The annual event, which was scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 8, has been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.

“The tractor pull folks canceled their season a couple weeks ago and, per Minnesota guidance, we still can’t hold outdoor events with over 250 people, so that eliminates the parade,” Johnson said.  “Without those two, there will be no reason for the committee to organize other events or food stands in the town or the park.”

Johnson indicated the Twine Ball Museum will be open, and the Twine-K race may still take place.  “It will still be Twine Ball Day, people will just have to celebrate with family and friends in a manner that they choose,” he said.

Dassel-Cokato school busing bids

1. Notice is hereby given, that Independent School District No. 466, Dassel-Cokato, will receive written quotations for transportation of its school children, including special education and handicapped students, according to the specifications and conditions which may be obtained from the office of the Superintendent of Schools, Jeff Powers, Independent School District No. 466, 4852 Reardon Ave SW, Suite 1700, Cokato, MN 55321. Quotations shall be submitted in form and manner contained in the specifications and the conditions.
2. Quotations must be received in the office of the Superintendent no later than August 4, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. at which time the quotations will be opened and tabulated and distributed to interested parties. No change can be made in the written quotation without consent of the school district. Negotiations will be conducted at such time and place as designated by the school district utilizing such procedures as the school district deems appropriate.
3. On August 24, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. the school board will meet to evaluate the quotations and act thereon. The school district reserves the right to accept, reject or negotiate any quotation and to make an award for transportation services which is deemed most favorable and advantageous to the school district. If further information is desired, interested persons should contact the district business office at 320-286-4100.
4. Any person whose quotation is accepted may be required to furnish a performance bond in the full amount of its quotation, which bond shall comply with the provisions of Minnesota Statutes, Section 574.26. The amount is discretionary with the school board. M.S. 123B.52, Subd. 3.
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch, July 10 and 17, 2020.