Candidate profile for Andy Engh, Dassel-Cokato School Board

DASSEL, COKATO, MN – EDITOR’S NOTE: We are including this profile online because earlier today we published the profile for DC School Board candidate Dawn Gillman, whose profile was not included in the print edition of the Enterprise Dispatch. Because Engh and Gillman are in a two-person race for one available two-year term, we are publishing both of them in the same manner. This does not affect other DC School Board candidates who are competing for four-year seats.

Andrew Engh
Family: Wife, Vicki; children, Grace, 15; Brody, 13; and Cooper, 10.
Education: White Bear Lake School District, Dunwoody College of Technology.
Work history: Owner at AR Engh Heating and Air Conditioning since 2005.
Previous public office? Current school board member, and currently Stockholm Township Board member (for 6+ years).
Why should you be elected? I feel I should be elected based on a variety of reasons, some being the following.
I feel, being a business owner has given me the ability to listen to and understand the views and opinions of others.  My daily job involves problem-solving, maintaining a budget, interacting with others, and having to make tough decisions to continue to be successful.
I am able to be open to thoughts, ideas, and opinions of others, even if they are not the same as my own.  Having this ability allows me to make an educated decision that best suits our student, staff, and district needs.
I understand that success is a group effort and not just the efforts of one person.  I am committed to putting in the time required to serve effectively on the school board.
I want to give back and serve the teachers, staff, and community that have supported my family for many years.
I want our district to strive to stay financially stable, allowing us to be able to recruit and retain our quality teachers and staff. This, in turn, will allow us to continue to provide opportunities for growth in our district, and to make ourselves stand out among the surrounding districts.
I believe in our school district, and want to continue to be a part of moving it forward in a positive direction.
Contact; 612-227-9561.


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