Do you remember the Holy Trinity grade school in Winsted?

htWINSTED, MN – A hundred years of sweet memories will be kept, even after the old grade school at Holy Trinity is torn down.  A number of Holy Trinity families like the Littfins have had four generations attend school there in preparation for high school.
The following are some memories of former students who attended Holy Trinity grade school in the old building:

Jack Littfin remembers as a  sixth grader, climbing into the attic of the grade school.
“We weren’t supposed to go up there, but if you would go up through the attic, you could climb up a ladder to an observation platform, and look out of the cupola and see the whole town. You could see for miles,” he said.
Helen (Sterner) Guggemos of Winsted, class of 1952, recalls taking music lessons at the school.

“I remember taking piano lessons from Sr. Maureen, OSF, for many years. Up through the mid-1950s, the convent was the front half of the building.  The piano lesson room was on the main level of the convent, towards the front of the building, just inside the front entrance door. Sr. Maureen was a kind, knowledgeable teacher,” Guggemos said.

Tom Wiemiller of Winsted, a 1961 graduate, attended school at Holy Trinity when most of the teachers were still nuns.

“I think you have one favorite teacher, and mine was my  second grade teacher, Sr. Conrad. She was funny, and a good teacher,” Wiemiller said.
Rosie Hertel of Winsted is not only a 1970 Holy Trinity graduate, but has been teaching at Holy Trinity School for 36 years.

Her school memories go back to 1958 and her first year of school at Holy Trinity.
“I was in the first grade with 62 other students, all sitting in our wooden desks with wooden runners. We were pretty much wall-to-wall desks and students. Sister DeChantal (later known as Sister Catherine Mary) had all of those students in one class,” Hertel recalled.

Cathy Millerbernd of Winsted is a 1982 Holy Trinity graduate and she is the current Holy Trinity Elementary School principal.

Millerbernd recalls her years as a student attending the old grade school.
“I remember using the small storage spaces under the basement steps for study areas. The teachers would send small groups of students to these areas to wok outside of the classroom. I also remember the boiler room being the teachers’ lounge. We always wondered what happened behind that big heavy door in the basement,” Millerbernd said.

Joe Scherer of Howard Lake, a 1997 Holy Trinity graduate, remembers having Mass practice on the main level of the elementary school, with Lavon Kielkucki leading the group in song.
“We knew we had made it to the big time in fifth and sixth grade when we were able to sit on the steps going up to the third floor. The kindergarten through fourth grade had to sit on the floor,” he said.
Sarah (Bisping) Fasching of Winsted, class of 2000, remembers the original architecture – the wooden null posts, cloak rooms with hooks for each student to hang their coats and gym bags, the chalk boards with the wooden ledge, and the woodwork, which was beautifully done.
“One of my favorite memories of elementary school was in kindergarten,” Fasching said. “Ms. Hertel was the best storyteller when she read books to us.”

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