DNR offers virtual woodland owner workshop Tuesday, April 20

Growing a healthy and resilient woodland takes time and preparation. The condition and location of the woods determines which trees will grow and thrive. Goals for woods influence what trees to plant, remove, or protect. An upcoming Zoom session will provide advice from natural resource professionals to help foster success.

April’s Minnesota woodland owner workshop presentation will help people prepare for spring tree planting.

Join three natural resource speakers who will discuss:

* How to select seedlings for your site, how to plant your seedlings, and how to protect your seedlings.

* How to restore your woodland’s understory after removing buckthorn and other unwanted shrubs and trees.

* How and when to harvest to get natural oak regeneration, managing understory competition, and protecting seedlings from deer browse.


April 20

6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

More Information
Contact Jennifer Teegarden at 651-259-5285 or by email at jennifer.teegarden@state.mn.us.

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