Currey questions number of police staff

From: Brian Currey, Winsted
I am writing in response to the voter’s guide section of the Herald Journal dated Oct. 22. This guide section of the paper had the question and answers for the candidates running for the Winsted City Council.
Herald Journal indicated that I did not respond to the questionnaire sent to me. I would like to set the record straight. I was never mailed this questionnaire. I take the responsibility of running for a city office very seriously and would have enjoyed being given the chance to state my reasons for running.
Therefore, at this time, I am sending you this letter along with my responses to the questions asked of the other candidates in hopes that you will print this in the next edition of the Herald Journal.
Why are you running for Winsted City Council?
As a resident of Winsted for over 11 years, I have enjoyed living here and would like to give back to my community. I think there is always room for change and would like to be part of the change. I feel I would be a good representative for the average citizen of Winsted. I am open to new ideas and listening to the members of the community needs and concerns.
What do you believe are the top two issues facing the city, and what are your proposed solutions?
One of the top issues is all the vacant buildings downtown. We need to figure out a way to get new businesses into Winsted and help them thrive. Another top issue is taxes. Taxes continue to rise and we need to figure out how to cut corners and possibly lower taxes for homeowners and businesses.
What specifically can the city do to cut costs and operate efficiently, while still maintaining service to tax-payers?
I think we need to look for ways to cut costs. Maybe look at reducing the number of full-time police officers. I look at other cities larger than Winsted who do not have a full-time police department and they seem to operate smoothly.
Editor’s note: “Herald Journal sent questionnaires to all candidates at the e-mail or street address provided by candidates when they filed.


  1. Voter2012 says:

    I wonder why out of all the points made in this letter that the last sentence made the headline for this post? The question posed by the Herald-Journal asked ‘specifically’ what can the city do to cut costs and the suggestion by Mr. Currey to possibly reduce the number of police officers makes the headline “Currey questions number of police staff”? Way to sensationalize one sentence!

  2. Andy says:

    I agree with Voter2012. Mr. Currey should however gather some facts before making such a statement it is nothing but sensationalizing on his part as well.

  3. The Big Easy says:

    Andy here is some fact gathering for you.

    Winsted MN Population 2342
    Winsted Police Department consists of a chief, three full-time police officers, four reserve officers, and several part-time police officers.

    Watertown MN Population 4278
    The City of Watertown receives its police service from the Carver County Sheriff’s Office

    Delano MN Population 5541
    The City of Delano contracts for local law enforcement services with the Wright County Sheriff’s Department

    All Mr Currey was recommending is that maybe we could reduce our Full Time Police force. This doesn’t sound like sensationalizing on his part.