Corinna Twp. receives reduced sentence

From: Leonard  Wozniak
The Wright County Board recently reviewed the two-year joint powers agreement  with Corinna Township and, after hearing testimony by the township and county zoning administrator, one commissioner made a motion to grant the township the right to do their own shore land management. This failed on a 3-2 vote.
Next, Commissioner.Sawatzke made a motion to deny them the right to do their own shore land management and extend the joint powers for five years. That passed 4-1.
Now, after consideration, they reduced it to one year.
It seems interesting to me that after two years of working under the county’s own zoning department people, and the township fulfilling all that the county asked for, they still denied them the right to do shore land management on their own.
Does this mean the board does not think county zoning is capable of training them? I have no doubt they can. And if the township needs outside resources, I am sure they can find them.
Also Comissioner Dick Mattson made a comment that the township needs to work with lake associations so that there is less contention between them. Does this mean that lake associations have different rules that apply to them and not the rest of the public? Or, does the county zoning give special consideration to them and not anyone else?
The conversation then went on to discuss what the county could do if they did not like what the township decided on a zoning item. Is the county going to set up and hire zoning police? There are other ways to make the two offices work toward a common goal.                   And they wonder why some townships want to do their own planning and zoning.
Good thing the county attorney got a raise because I see another lawsuit in the near future. But, I do wonder about Sawatzke’s method for negotiating pay raises by asking if they will sue if they do not get what they want.
I hope the county board’s actions on this were made with careful consideration and not a “parting shot” aimed at the township.

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