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LPS appreciates community’s support

From: Mike McNulty
Superintendent, Lester Prairie School
I appreciate the community’s continued support of the Lester Prairie Schools.
We are always striving to better the learning environment and improve student success.  One staple in this step is the funding to support this endeavor.  The Lester Prairie School’s operating levy election was approved by the public Nov. 5.
What does this do for the school district and community?  The operating levy funds the daily operation of the school; with personnel and building operations as the major costs.  The school board can now keep moving forward in their planning.
Our staff continually betters themselves to accomplish our greatest task – the successful development of our students.  The Lester Prairie School District has also made improvements to the physical building, and this is essential to a great learning environment.
I want to express my appreciation for the approval of the referendum, and ask for your continued support of the Lester Prairie Schools.

Mayer couple chalks up milestones

From: Larry Lunow
This subject has been on my mind since last Christmas. It is about two of the best people and citizens of Carver County, Mr. and Mrs. Milfred Dalchow of Mayer.
How many times when any of us go to social events, fundraisers, weddings and funerals, do we see the Dalchows paying their respects to people who have friended them or patronized their business over the years?
Last Christmas (2012), I happened to sit next to Gwen Dalchow at my grandchildren’s Christmas program. While conversing, she proceeded to tell me Milfred’s goal would be Christmas 2013, this year. It would be their 70th annual Christmas of selling trees. Wow!
There will have been two milestones reached this year. In April, Milfred reached his 90th birthday, and now their 70th year of selling Christmas trees. My father and mother always went to them for our tree. That is how I met them and for how long I’ve known them.
In the world we live in today, the word artificial has become commonplace. It is my suggestion that as many of us that can should put the word artificial aside for one Christmas this year and buy a real tree, no matter what size, to show appreciation to two of the best people and their families that Carver County will ever know.
We wish you a happy birthday, a happy 70th anniversary, and the happiest, most prosperous holiday season ever. I hope you all keep this in your memory bank.

Support HLWW MS referendum

From: Jacob Ross
HLWW Middle School student
We are having a tour of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) Middle School Monday, Oct. 21 from 6 to 8 p.m.
Come and see for yourself why we are asking for your support in building a new school.
Please vote “yes” for the upcoming referendum, and show your support for our school.

Learn more about HLWW referendum

From: Randy Heuer
Howard Lake
While I am never one who relishes tax increases at any level, I am writing to indicate my support of both questions for the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) building referendum Tuesday, Nov. 5.
As a former HLWW School Board member, I can assure the voters of the district that the condition of the building currently used as the middle school has been discussed extensively for nearly 20 years,  and it is time to replace it. The space needed in the elementary schools (and replacing the portable classrooms) is essential for a positive learning environment while getting rid of the ongoing lease expense for portable buildings.
I understand it is never a good time to increase taxes, but it is the time to make the investment in meeting the educational needs of the children of the district and make the decision to invest in the future and pass the building referendum.
Attend the informational meeting Monday, Oct. 21 to learn more about the condition of the facility and the updates that need to be made, and make an informed decision to support both questions on the Tuesday, Nov. 5 ballot.

Vote for the HLWW referendum

From: Dave Sherman
Soon, we will be voting on the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) referendum. The fact is, that money will be spent either in fixing up existing facilities to meet the health and safety standards necessary to accommodate the enrollment demands in the district, or to build a new facility.
If we elect to fix the existing facilities, it will only be a short-term solution and likely would be the most expensive solution for district taxpayers in the not-so-long term. I am confident that if you look at the cost of new versus refurbish, you will draw the same conclusion.
That is why your vote will make a difference, and it is why I am supporting the referendum.

Prairie Days was a success

From: Mary Ann Teubert
Lester Prairie
I just wanted to congratulate the gals from Lester Prairie who wanted to see the continuing of Prairie Days, Melissa Williams, Marie Mochinski, and Amber Lamp.  I was impressed with the celebration. Many people who attended said how pleased they were with the different activities.  They had entertainment for all ages throughout the day.
I appreciate the efforts of Dawn for the wonderful parade.
I know it’s late, but I want to acknowledge the Lester Prairie firemen and spouses, who organized Prairie Days the past 10+ years. These people really didn’t get the recognition they deserve.
I hope they continue with Prairie Days and that more  people step up to help them. Great job to all.