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Winsted public hearing: variance

All interested persons are hereby notified that the Winsted Planning Commission, acting as the Board of Adjustment and Appeals, will meet to conduct a public hearing on a request for a variance to exceed the sixteen-foot maximum height requirement of a detached accessory garage by one foot and seven inches for a total height of seventeen feet and seven inches in order to allow for the construction of a detached accessory building or detached garage on property zoned R-1A Single Family Residential District in the Shoreland Overlay District. The property is located at 24142 Grass Lake Road with a parcel identification number of 21.003.6620 and legally describe as follows:
That part of Government Lot 1, Section 3, Township 117 North, Range 27 West, McLeod County, Minnesota, described as follows:
Commencing at the southeast corner of said Government Lot 1; thence westerly along the South line of said Government Lot 1 a distance of 1284.59 feet; thence northerly, parallel with the East line of said Government Lot 1 a distance of 802.35 feet to the point of the beginning of the land to be described; thence continuing northerly along said parallel line to a point 370.00 feet South of the North line of said Government Lot 1; thence westerly, parallel with the North line of said Government Lot 1 a distance of 432 feet, more or less, to the shoreline of Grass Lake; thence southerly along said shoreline to a line drawn from the point of beginning, parallel with the South line of said Government Lot 1; thence easterly, parallel with said South line a distance of 429 feet, more or less, to the point of beginning.
The variance, if approved, would authorize the construction of a detached accessory garage.
The Winsted Planning Commission will hold the public hearing on Monday, September 18, 2023 at 6:00 P.M. or as soon thereafter as possible, in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 201 – 1st Street North in Winsted, Minnesota.
If you so desire, you may attend the public hearing, either in person or by agent or attorney, to make comments in opposition to or support of the request. If you would like to make comments but will be unable to attend the hearing, you may do so in writing by mailing comments to the City of Winsted, P.O. Box 126, Winsted, MN 55395 or by email by emailing Written and emailed comments must include your name and property address.
/S/ Neil Schlagel
City Administrator

Published in the Herald Journal, Sept. 8, 2023. |

Winsted man charged with possession of more than 200 fentanyl pills

Scott Michael Aune, 61, of Winsted has been charged with two felonies following a June 30 traffic stop in Worthington.

The Nobles County criminal complaint states that atHJ - Aune mug shot approximately 1:47 a.m. on June 30,        Worthington Police Officer Bryant Schroeder saw a vehicle approaching a roundabout at a      high rate of speed. He observed the driver slam on the vehicle’s brakes as it reached the        roundabout, and that both the driver and passenger were reclined in their seats. Schroeder    followed the vehicle, observed it as it crossed over the center dashed line, and initiated a   traffic stop.


The complaint indicated Schroder identified the driver as Aune, and the passenger as Michael Joseph Fadel III. Schroeder noted both the driver and passenger were acting nervous, and that Aune’s pupils were very pinpoint, and his carotid artery was pronounced and pulsating rapidly.

During field sobriety tests, Aune swayed side to side and forward to back. Schroeder took Aune’s pulse, which was approximately 120, which the complaint stated is abnormally high for someone not actively involved in intense physical activity. Aune’s eyes did not have any pupil dilation or constriction.

Schroeder asked Aune if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, which the complaint indicated was due to the occupants’ nervous behavior, and multiple air fresheners in the vehicle.

Aune denied having anything illegal in the vehicle, but stated “my buddy may have some pot.” Aune gave Schroeder permission to search the vehicle.  While doing so, Schroeder found a blue duffel bag containing a white pill container that had approximately eight “M30″ pills inside.  A pill bottle missing the prescription label was found to contain 20 additional “M30″ pills. Inside a black duffle bag, Schroeder located another prescription pill bottle without a label containing approximately 174 additional “M30″ pills. Schroeder believed the pills were counterfeit oxycodone pills, but were in fact fentanyl.

Hidden under the carpet in the trunk, Schroeder found a blue bank bag with $715 in cash in it, divided into stacks, each with a sticky note on it, with 03/10/2023 written on them. Schroeder also found $646 on Aune’s person, and four cell phones, which were seized.

Aune and Fadell were arrested and transported to the Nobles County Jail, where they were booked and held for court. At the jail, Aune stated “All the drugs in the car were mine.”

Aune was charged with 1st degree drug sales, a felony, which has a maximum sentence of 30 years imprisonment and/or a $1,000,000 fine. He was also charged with 2nd degree drug possession, a felony, which carries a maximum sentence of 25 years imprisonment and/or a $500,000 fine.

Aune is listed as unsentenced, and remains in the Nobles County Jail, according to the Friday, July 14 jail roster.


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Dassel man killed in Tuesday morning crash near Howard Lake

Toby Jo Birr, 46, of Dassel, was killed this morning, in a motor vehicle collision on US Hwy. 12, according to the Minnesota State Patrol (MSP). The incident happened at 7:29 a.m.

Birr was driving a 2004 Ford Taurus eastbound on US Hwy. 12, and Alexander Philip Rosenberger, 30, of St. Cloud, was also driving eastbound in a 2018 Ford F59 Box Truck. MSP reported the vehicles collided near Keats Ave. SW.  Rosenberger was not injured.

Both drivers were wearing seatbelts, and alcohol was not a factor in the crash.

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office, Howard Lake Fire Department, Howard Lake Police Department, Howard Lake EMS, Ridgeview EMS, and Cokato EMS responded to the scene.