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LP School Board approves new green fundraising program

LESTER PRAIRIE, – Lester Prairie School Board approved a USAgain bin fundraiser at its meeting Thursday.

USAgain bins are receptacles for linens, clothing, shoes, and other items that can be used again.

The school will put a bin on its property and receive money for every pound collected.

The company collects the items from the bins and if the bin is filled before the scheduled collection time, school staff can call and the company will pick up early.

The district can participate in the program as long as it wants, and can cancel by calling the company which will pick up the receptacles.

For full story, see Oct. 27 issue.


LP School Board will discuss a snow removal contract

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Lester Prairie School Board will discuss it snow removal contract with Litzau Excavating at its meeting tonight, Oct. 23 at 6:30 p.m.

Other items the board will discuss include:

  • NAIER contract renewal;
  • donations made to LP School District;
  • notary support for Mrs. Daak and Ms. Elling;
  • additional phone line for dean of students;
  • USAgain bin; and
  • teacher evaluations.

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HL City Council decides municipal liquor store on-sale will close Jan. 1

HOWARD LAKE, MN – Howard Lake City Council adopted a resolution at its meeting Tuesday to cease on-sale operations at the Howard Lake Municipal Liquor Store, effective Jan.1, 2015.

The liquor store commission met and heard money-saving suggestions from Howard Lake Municipal Liquor Store manager Myra Laway.

Although acknowledging Laway had good suggestions, the liquor store commission decided to recommend closure of the on-sale operations, according to Mayor Pete Zimmerman.

The on-sale portion of the business has incurred losses that will total $400,000 by the end of this year, despite Laway’s efforts to increase profit.

“All of Myra’s valiant efforts, her cost-saving, and attempts to increase business – it just isn’t working,” Zimmerman said.

For full story, see Oct. 27 issue.


Lodge of HL open house event Tuesday

HOWARD LAKE, MN – The Lodge of Howard Lake is complete, and staff are ready to open the doors for community members.

An open house event will take place Tuesday, Oct. 28 from 4 to 7 p.m.

The event is free and will include appetizers, desserts, and beverages.

“We want people to come by and see what The Lodge is all about,”

Senior Living Manager Kent Houston said.

For full story, see Oct. 27 issue.


Innovative HL-W class launched several broadcasting careers


Howard Lake-Waverly High School offered the first television production vocational program in Minnesota back in 1971, with KRUD- and KRUM-TV, according to the class instructor, Neil Sideen.

Both programs were produced by a class provided by Wright Vocational Cooperative Center at HL-W High School.

Students received two credits for attending the entire two-hour class. There was also an option to attend less and receive partial credit.

The students covered athletic events, community celebrations, and parades.

They broadcast a daily news-cast, which was a live production that was viewed during the lunch hour at the school.

“One of my fondest memories is when we hooked an antenna up at the school,” Sideen recalled. “We hooked it up backwards, on purpose, so it would transmit instead of receive signal. People could watch our broadcast from 10 miles out.”

For full story, see Oct. 27 issue.

Winsted buys land for new industrial park

WINSTED, MN – After two months of negotiations, Winsted has agreed to purchase 52 acres of land from the Entinger family for a new industrial park.

The city council made a final offer of $18,222 per acre for 40 acres west of the wastewater treatment facility; and $17,000 per acre for 12.61 acres south of Millerbernd Manufacturing.

Millerbernd Manufacturing has indicated it would like about 9.7 acres of the land south of its facility, and plans to buy it from the city for $17,000 per acre.

The price for all 52 acres is $943,250. The city plans to pay $605,400 of that through money it received when two Winsted businesses paid back state investment fund loan dollars. The money is under state regulation, and needs to be used for specific economic development purposes.

“This project fits that scope,” City Administrator Clay Wilfahrt noted.

The remaining land cost of $337,886 will come from the city’s reserve fund. After Millerbernd Manufacturing purchases some of the land, the city will be left with a cost of $172,985.

The land purchases are contingent on title work, environmental assessments, state reporting requirements, and other factors.

Look for more coverage of the Oct. 21 council meeting and work session in the Monday, Oct. 27 edition of the Herald Journal.