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HLWW to discuss food service staffing hours

HOWARD LAKE, WAVERLY, WINSTED, MN – Discussion about food service staffing hours at the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School District is one item on the agenda for the Monday, Oct. 24 school board work session.

Two other items include an energy audit presentation and an outline for early kindergarten entrance.

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Special budget meeting Oct. 24 in Winsted

WINSTED, MN – A special Winsted City Council work session will take place in the Winsted City Hall Lewis Room Monday, Oct. 24 at noon to discuss the recommended 2017 budget.

More space for kids at Humphrey Elementary?

HOWARD LAKE, MN – The way things look now, about 277 students will likely be enrolled at Humphrey Elementary in Waverly next school year.
That’s seven more students than today, and 59 more than in 2011-12.
“The trend is probably not going to change,” Superintendent Brad Sellner said at last Monday’s Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School Board  meeting.
With more students comes the need for more room, and Sellner said existing classroom space is limited – the computer lab could be used, and the teacher’s lounge, “but then we’re maxed out.”

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Turnover talk at HLWW

HOWARD LAKE, MN – It’s rare to stay at one job for an entire career, but the reasons people move to new positions are wide-ranging.
At the Oct. 10 Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School Board meeting, Board Member Charles Bush said he’d like to know more details about why people resign from the district, and if anything should be done to prevent it.
“Turnover is expensive, and it’s not a good thing,” he said.
Superintendent Brad Sellner said resignation letters aren’t shared at school board meetings due to privacy issues, but Bush is welcome to set up a time to look at them on his own. Sellner added that Bush has asked about this in the past, and the same response was given.
Bush said he’d like to see how many employees are full time vs. part time, and which positions are salary or hourly.
“I happen to believe that salary is a good format to go with,” he said.
Board Members Paul Bravinder and Michelle Heuer said the federal government has new rules for which positions can be salary, and the person has to make above a certain amount of money.
Bush said he’d like the district to conduct exit interviews to determine why people are leaving.
Sellner responded that “99 percent of the time we know why.”
Bush said that although the administration might know the reason, he personally doesn’t know, and would like to.
Sellner said Bush can call and ask him if he has questions.
“What if the reason is bad administration?” Bush asked. “That’s a board issue.”
Sellner said he would inform the board if there was an issue that needed to be addressed.
Bravinder said job turnover happens in every industry, and that whenever he’s asked about a particular resignation, the reason has never been dissatisfaction with the district.
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Waverly mayor featured in Star Tribune

WAVERLY, MN – Waverly Mayor Connie Holmes was featured in the Star Tribune Oct. 15, in an article about local elections.

Hundreds of offices in Minnesota have no candidates, which has many people concerned about the future of local leadership.

Check out the article here:

United Way fund drive coming to Lester Prairie mailboxes

United Way of McLeod County encourages you to “be the change” during its annual fund drive this fall. Lester Prairie residents can expect to receive donation information in their mailbox shortly. Local dollars donated are used with partner agencies and programs addressing established needs in Lester Prairie and McLeod County.