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Howard Lake’s Pit Stop million dollar lottery ticket winner claims prize

WAVERLY – A woman from Waverly has a lot of be thankful for this Thanksgiving after claiming a $1 million Powerball® prize.

The $1 million Powerball prize was claimed by Jean Davis of Waverly Nov. 22. Davis won a $1 million Powerball prize Aug. 23—the same drawing that the $758 million jackpot, Powerball’s second-largest prize ever, was won in Massachusetts.

Davis purchased her winning ticket at Pit Stop, located at 620 Dutch Lake Drive, in Howard Lake. The winning Powerball numbers  Aug. 23 were 6-7-16-23-26 and the Powerball was 4.

Despite injury, Vietnam vet considers himself ‘lucky’

HOWARD LAKE, WAVERLY, WINSTED, MN – The horrors Ron Widel experienced in the Vietnam War are over – but he still carries the memories 50 years later.

“I wasn’t in Vietnam very long before I realized it was totally an insane environment,” he said during Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School District’s Veterans Day program Nov. 10.

Early on, Widel served as a machine gunner. While he was out with a few other men, they were attacked. The driver was hit in the head by enemy gunfire and died instantly. The other machine gunner, George, pushed the driver out and took over the controls.

“I grabbed both machine guns and started laying fire in all directions,” Widel said.

Although they did their best to avoid enemy fire, George ended up getting seriously wounded.

“I had blood coming out of both ears and had difficulty hearing; otherwise I was OK,” Widel said.

Then, someone tripped an improvised explosive device (IED).

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HLWW School Board: Bush questions teaching, time pressure

HOWARD LAKE, WAVERLY, WINSTED, MN – Near the end of the Nov. 13 Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School Board meeting, Board Member Charles Bush proposed two items of future discussion: what is being taught in elective classes, and the time requirements for extracurricular activities.

For elective offerings, Bush spoke about cursive writing, stating that “I, for one, think that’s very, very, very important.”

Elementary Principal Jen Olson said cursive writing is being taught at the third-grade level.

For high school electives, Superintendent Brad Sellner said teachers can propose courses that they’d like to be included.

Bush mentioned that is important to write thank-you notes after an interview, and he is concerned about “too much technology” in schools. He said students might be relying on spell check and calculators instead of learning how to spell or do mental math.

Bush said he is also concerned about students’ time, and the pressure that is put on them. In particular, he said he was worried about sports practices taking place before school.

Board Member Michelle Heuer said the basketball coach is having early practices one day per week due to limited gym space. She said parents were made aware of this at the parent meeting, and she did not hear any resistance.

High School Principal Jason Mix said he’s talked to the players about this, and they have indicated that they enjoy the early practice.

“Have you talked to the coach or the AD [activities director]?” Sellner asked Bush.

“No, I have not,” Bush responded. He then said that the early practice is not his only concern; he is also concerned about year-round sports.

“We don’t control that,” Sellner said. “You better have a conversation with parents if you want their kids to stop playing.”

Bush said that was just an example. He then asked, “How much homework is assigned?” and “How many tests are being given?”

Sellner said it would take quite a bit of time to get all that information compiled, and he questioned if it is something the board should be dictating at all.

“I thought we wanted our teachers to have some autonomy, too – to be able to make some decisions on their own,” he said.

Bush said he has read articles recently about depression and suicide in youth, and the pressure that kids face.

Sellner said he’s not trying to say that these aren’t important topics to discuss, but he believes the discussion might be more valuable with the people who are directly involved, such as teachers or coaches.

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PHOTO GALLERY: HLWW Veterans Day program

HOWARD LAKE, WAVERLY, WINSTED, MN – Click here to see photos from the Friday, Nov. 10 Veterans Day program at HLWW school. 

Select photos will appear in the Friday, Nov. 17 edition of the Herald Journal.

HLWW fitness center presentation Monday, Nov. 13

HOWARD LAKE, WAVERLY, WINSTED, MN – A presentation about Howard Lake Waverly Winsted School District’s fitness center membership and usage will take place at the Monday, Nov. 13 school board meeting, which starts at 6 p.m. in the high school media center.

A few other items include approving the high school parking lot/exterior lighting project, discussion/approval of an FFA assistant, discussion/approval of a KLKR assistant, discussion/approval of additional special ed staff, and more.

Look for coverage in the Friday, Nov .17 edition of the Herald Journal.

Dr. Knudtson receives achievement award

SPONSORED POST – Dr. Erin Knudtson was recently awarded the Specialty Preceptor Achievement Award for her work in pediatrics with Rural Physician Associate Program (RPAP) students at Hutchinson Health in Hutchinson. The student who nominated her for this award explained, “I will never forget the kindness and empathy she showed her patients. She is the physician I aspire to be.”

RPAP is a nine-month, community-based educational experience for University of Minnesota third-year medical students who live and train in rural communities.


Knudtson is pictured with Dr. Kirby Clark (director of RPAP), and Dr. Ray Christensen (associate director of RPAP) at Hutchinson Health.

Hutchinson Health