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Swartzers to celebrate 50 years Sunday, May 31

SPONSORED POST. Joe & Dorothy Swartzer will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, May 31 from noon to 4 pm at the Montrose Community Center.

Local girls named Princess Kay finalists

WRIGHT, McLEOD, CARVER COUNTIES, MN – Dairy princesses from Wright, McLeod, and Carver counties were among those selected as Princess Kay of the Milky Way finalists May 17.

Maggie Mills, Ellen Sheehan, Kyla Mauk, Kallie Baker, Jennifer Oelfke and Carley Vinkemeier. Back, left to right: are Kylee Fernholz, Rachel Stender, Morgan Uphoff, McKinzie Smith, Samantha Keller and Michele Green.

Front – Maggie Mills, Ellen Sheehan, Kyla Mauk, Kallie Baker, Jennifer Oelfke and Carley Vinkemeier. Back – Kylee Fernholz, Rachel Stender, Morgan Uphoff, McKinzie Smith, Samantha Keller and Michele Green.















The finalists were named at the conclusion of a three-day workshop in St. Cloud attended by nearly 70 county dairy princesses. They include:

  • Kallie Baker, 18, Plainview, representing Wabasha County, daughter of Natalie and Bruce Wood;
  • Kylee Fernholz, 18, Hoffman, representing Douglas County, daughter of Mark and Michele Fernholz;
  • Michele Green, 20, Greenbush, representing Roseau County, daughter of Doug and Corena Green;
  • Samantha Keller, 19, Goodhue, representing Goodhue County, daughter of Ted and Lora Keller;
  • Kyla Mauk, 19, Howard Lake, representing Wright County, daughter of Chris and Harlan Mauk;
  • Maggie Mills, 18, Lake City, representing Goodhue County, daughter of Kent and Deborah Mills;
  • Jennifer Oelfke, 18, Hamburg, representing Sibley County, daughter of Jim and Jody Oelfke;
  • Ellen Sheehan, 19, Rochester, representing Olmsted County, daughter of Jerome and Karen Sheehan;
  • McKinzie Smith, 21, Adams, representing Mower County, daughter of Rick and Tracy Smith;
  • Rachel Stender, 17, Lester Prairie, representing McLeod County, daughter of Allen and Lisa Stender;
  • Morgan Uphoff, 18, Melrose, representing Stearns County, daughter of Victor and Ann Uphoff; and
  • Carley Vinkemeier, 18, Norwood Young America, representing Carver County, daughter of Jeff and Tina Vinkemeier.

On behalf of Minnesota’s dairy farmers, Princess Kay makes appearances to help explain their commitment to taking care of the animals and resources while providing wholesome, nutritious and affordable dairy products. Midwest Dairy Association manages the program.

Wright County dairy: A list of past and present princesses

WRIGHT COUNTY, MN – Five new Wright County Dairy Princesses and two ambassadors were honored at the 60th annual Wright County dairy banquet April 11.

Wright County Dairy Princesses

Wright County Dairy Princesses

Princesses include Jessica Howell, Kyla Mauk, Morgan Krause, Ali Spiers, and Bethany Kozitka. Ambassadors are Maisie Walter and Maggie Socha.

“We had a great turnout of past dairy princesses as well, along with a lot of visiting royalty from Wright County communities,” organizer Jen Rasset noted.

The emcee for the evening was Joe Gill, farm director/traffic manager of KASM radio.

The Friend of the Dairyman award went to dairy equipment supplier Hobert Sales of Cokato, for its customer service.

Six decades of dairy princesses in Wright County

This list includes past Wright County Dairy Princesses by year, along with the number of dairy cattle, according to USDA Ag Census data.


Dairy Cows: 44,000

• Margaret Leinonen Groop

• Betty Ann Eull, Buffalo

• Barbara Johnson, Cokato

• Martha Banke, Howard Lake

• Romona Friendshoch, St. Michael

• Pat Elliott Olson


Dairy Cows: 45,500

• Marcia Buck, Monticello

• Carol Rabens, Montrose

• Josephine Luebke, West Albion/ French Lake


Dairy Cows: 47,000

• Caroline Varner, Buffalo

• Gloria Nelson, Cokato

• Audrey Lundquist, Monticello


Dairy Cows: 45,000

• Kathleen Mahoney

• Jeanette Haffton

• Pauline Benson


Dairy Cows: 44,000

• Ann Kaeppe

• Barbara Hamlet

• Carolyn Barberg


Dairy Cows: 44,000

• Karen Oelkle, Howard Lake

• Mary Ring, Maple Lake

• Mary Ann Fobbe, Maple Lake


Dairy Cows: 44,400

• Eva Lorentz

• Gayle Schubert, Delano

• Bonnie Shulz, Monticello


Dairy Cows: 41,400

• Judy Baker, Maple Lake

• Karen Smith Dingmann, Maple Lake

• Lois Strandquist, Montrose


Dairy Cows: 44,300

• LaMae Danger, Howard Lake

• Karen Oelkle, Waverly

• Mary Ann Schubert, Buffalo


Dairy Cows: 43,800

• Judy Maehling


Dairy Cows: 42,000

• Luann Danger Munson, Howard Lake

• Meryl Kottke, Loretto

• Mary Ann Schubert, Buffalo


Dairy Cows: 40,000

• Unknown


Dairy Cows: 37,500

• Unknown


Dairy Cows: 34,400

Milk Production: 320,000,000

• Karen Wetter, Buffalo

• Janet Fobbe, Maple Lake

• Sharon Peterson, Monticello


Dairy Cows: 33,800

Milk Production: 311,000,000

• Judi Bobrowske, Howard Lake

• Rosemary Clark, Howard Lake

• Patricia Piram Tollefson, Maple Lake


Dairy Cows: 28,400

Milk Production: 316,000,000

• Patricia Piram Tollefson, Maple Lake


Dairy Cows: 28,300

Milk Production: 313,000,000

• Nola Carlson, Buffalo

• Carol Schmidt Meyer, Buffalo

• Sue Jude, Maple Lake


Dairy Cows: 28,000

Milk Production: 300,000,000

• Susan Wurm Michaelis, Maple Lake

• Patricia Vetsch Lenz, Monticello

• Colleen Gagnon Kimberly, Waverly


Dairy Cows: 27,600

Milk Production: 286,000,000

• Andrea Behrenbrinker, Buffalo

• Regina Ziegler, Cokato

• LuAnn Perra, Waverly


Dairy Cows: 26,900

Milk Production: 325,000,000

• Shelley Ordorff, Buffalo

• Susan Birkholz, Howard Lake

• Lois Boehlke, Waverly


Dairy Cows: 27,000

Milk Production: 271,000,000

• Betty Wurm Stuhr, Maple Lake

• Debbie Schillewaert, Monticello

• Rene Zachman, St. Michael/ Albertville


Dairy Cows: 26,100

Milk Production: 257,000,000

• Brenda Jost, Annandale

• Ruth Varner, Buffalo

• Nancy Mavencamp VanSickle, Maple Lake


Dairy Cows: 24,000

Milk Production: 264,000,000

• Randi Machovsky, Annandale

• Jennifer Nelson, Annandale

• Gewn Vandergon, Maple Lake


Dairy Cows: 23,700

Milk Production: 253,000,000

• Terri Jost, Annandale

• Marianne Pokornowski Bobrowske, Cokato

• Dawn Glessing Sawatzke, Howard 1979

Dairy Cows: 22,700

Milk Production: 268,000,000

• Jean Barrett

• Jackie Sadowski

• Kathy Zachman Weber


Dairy Cows: 23,900

Milk Production: 281,000,000

• Laura Rumpza, Delano

• Bonny Streich, Howard Lake

• Sandra Zeidler, Howard Lake


Dairy Cows: 24,500

Milk Production: 296,500,000

• Jacquelyn Berg, Annandale

• Christine Mavencamp Dombrovski, Maple Lake

• Sharon Lindenfelser, Monticello


Dairy Cows: 26,000

Milk Production: 309,500,000

• Cathy Danger, Howard Lake

• Laurie Latzig, Howard Lake

• Michelle Uter Schwartz, Howard Lake


Dairy Cows: 26,200

Milk Production: 333,500,000

• Theresa Holland, Buffalo

• Julie Diers Berning, Howard Lake

• Suzanne Salonek, Montrose


Dairy Cows: 27,200

Milk Production: 320,000,000

• Valerie Zander, Maple Lake

• Minda Bodin, Waverly

• Pamela Boehlke Koenen, Waverly


Dairy Cows: 27,000

Milk Production: 333,000,000

• Rebecca Fiedler, Annandale

• Pamela Boehlke Koenen, Waverly

• Linda Diers Groos, Howard Lake


Dairy Cows: 27,500

Milk Production: 331,500,000

• Lolene Liefert

• Jill Engle Kittock, Howard Lake

• Betty Ann Elsenpeter, Maple Lake

• Wendy Epple, Montrose

• Pamela Boehlke Koenen, Waverly

• Linda Diers Groos, Howard Lake


Dairy Cows: 25,600

Milk Production: 311,000,000

• Julianne Triplett Decker, Annandale

• Diane Weldele Toohey, Buffalo

• Janelle Dalbec Koch, Howard Lake

• Paula Boehlke Fritzke, Waverly


Dairy Cows: 22,900

Milk Production: 316,500,000

• Bonnie Kowalke, Buffalo

• Rena Duske Gruenhagen, Waverly

• Nancy Domjahn Zander


Dairy Cows: 22,700

Milk Production: 315,500,000

• Michele Marketon

• Tracy Diers Janikula, Howard Lake

• Nancy Domjahn Zander


Dairy Cows: 22,000

Milk Production: 312,500,000

• Tami Berg Freed

• Cami Dixon, Buffalo

• Tracy Diers Janikula, Howard Lake


Dairy Cows: 20,500

Milk Production: 299,500,000

• Stacey Collins, Monticello

• Laura Diers Johnson, Howard Lake


Dairy Cows: 19,500

Milk Production: 293,000,000

• Susie McAlpine Peterson

• Lauri Beaudry O’Sullivan, Albertville

• Laura Diers Johnson, Howard Lake


Dairy Cows: 18,900

Milk Production: 288,500,000

• Jenny Beaudry Thompson, Albertville

• Marie Murphy, Delano

• Theresa Vergin Priem, Elk River

• Colette Diers Thorson, Howard Lake


Dairy Cows: 17,800

Milk Production: 273,000,000

• DeeAnn Boehlke, Waverly


Dairy Cows: 17,400

Milk Production: 272,000,000

• Kali Wozniak


Dairy Cows: 16,500

Milk Production: 251,500,000

• Jessica Beaudry, Albertville

• Joyce Beaudry Weber, Albertville

• Colette Diers Thorson, Howard Lake


Dairy Cows: 15,900

Milk Production: 255,500,000

• Joyce Beaudry Weber, Albertville

• Michelle Esselman

• Angie Bakeberg Barlau, Waverly


Dairy Cows: 14,700

Milk Production: 251,500,000

• Lisa Lenneman

• Michelle Esselman

• Brittany Boehlke, Waverly

• Stacy Wozniak Spurzem,


Dairy Cows: 14,300

Milk Production: 255,500,000

• Betty Berning Matras, Otsego

• Stacy Wozniak Spurzem

• Rachel Bakeberg Bender, Waverly


Dairy Cows: 14,100

Milk Production: 253,000,000

• Mary Bakeberg Lindberg

• Dawn Lambert Higgins


Dairy Cows: 13,500

Milk Production: 234,000,000

• Anne Wetter

• Angie Bakeberg Barlau, Waverly *Princess Kay finalist

• Melissa Spike


Dairy Cows: 12,900

Milk Production: 215,000,000

• Kristi Swanson

• Tara Johnson

• Molly Miller Uecker, Annandale


Dairy Cows: 11,900

Milk Production: 205,500,000

• Sarah Dennis

• Danielle Sonsteby

• Heather Klatt Olson

• Amy Kozitka, Howard Lake


Dairy Cows: 11,200

Milk Production: 194,500,000

• Mandi Stifter Kiesling

• Tricia Uecker Nordling, Maple Lake

• Shandi Pawelk, Maple Lake

• Amy Kozitka, Howard Lake


Dairy Cows: 10,900

Milk Production: 196,000,000

• Michelle Beaudry Gendron, Albertville

• Amy Kozitka, Howard Lake


Dairy Cows: 10,600

Milk Production: 199,000,000

• Jolee Swearingen Marquette

• Jessica Gapinski Wilking, Maple Lake

• Andrea Neuman


Dairy Cows: 10,500

Milk Production: 201,000,000

• Andrea Neuman

• Bridget Boehlke-Bobrowski, Waverly

• Kelsey Kolles Heinz


Dairy Cows: 10,400

Milk Production: 199,000,000

• Kristine Berning Johnson, St. Michael

• Bridget Boehlke-Bobrowski, Waverly

• Kelsey Kolles Heinz


Dairy Cows: 10,600

Milk Production: 201,000,000

• Krista Nelson Nelson

• Bridget Boehlke-Bobrowski, Waverly

• Kelsey Kolles Heinz

• Jillian Koch, Winsted


Dairy Cows: 10,600

• Kelsey Kolles Heinz


Dairy Cows: 10,600

• Rebecca Groos, Howard Lake

• Katie Davis

• Krista Lambert, Buffalo


Dairy Cows: 10,500

• Jillian Koch, Winsted

• Rebecca Groos, Howard Lake

• Katie Davis

• Krista Lambert, Buffalo


Dairy Cows: 9500

• Katie Hirsch, Howard Lake

• Taylor Walter, Montrose

• Jillian Koch, Winsted


• Bethany Kozitka, Howard Lake

• Katie Hirsch, Howard Lake

• Taylor Walter, Montrose

Source of dairy data:

Wright County Board to discuss landfill zoning application

WRIGHT COUNTY, MN – Wright County Board will consider a landfill zoning application and recommendation for denial during its Tuesday, April 14 meeting.

Other items on the agenda include a township sign project, review of quotes for bond counsel, and a seasonal liquor license for Woodland Hill Winery.

The meeting will begin at 9 a.m. at the Wright County Government Center in Buffalo.

Funeral notice: Margaret M. Hanson, 71, of Montrose

MONTROSE, MN – Margaret Mary Hanson, 71, of Montrose, passed away Thursday, April 2, 2015, at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. Visitation will be Wednesday, April 8 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Peterson Chapel of Buffalo, with a prayer service and rosary at 7:30 p.m. A Mass of Christian Burial will take place Thursday, April 9 at 10:30 a.m. at St. Mary’s Catholic Church of Waverly; with visitation at 9:30 a.m. at the church. Interment will be at Holy Name of Jesus Cemetery in Medina. The Peterson Chapel-Buffalo is handling the arrangements;

Easter fire severely damages Rockford Township home


By Matt Kane

Units from the Delano, Rockford, Montrose and Buffalo fire departments, as well as squads from the Wright County Sheriffs Department and Allina EMS, responded to a house fire on Cameron Ave. SE, just west of the Rockford Township Hall, Sunday afternoon.

The 3,0000 square foot home suffered severe damage from the blaze, which,  according to homeowner Barrie Hill, started in the garage.

Hill was not home when the fire began.

“My wife was sitting on the couch when she smelled smoke and heard a popping sound,” he said. “She noticed the fire and got out of the house.”

His wife,  who was not named,  and two teenage children, who were home at the time, all escaped safely.

“Lucky nobody was hurt,” said Hill, as he watched dozens of firefighters work in the charred skeleton of what used to be the family garage – the remains of a vehicle parked inside. “The possessions can be replaced.”

The Hill couple, three of their children – ages 12, 16 and 18 – and “Ricky” the collie dog lived at the residence.

Barrie Hill (backpack) talks with fsmily, friends and neighbors Sunday evening after a fires ravished his home in Rockford Township.

Barrie Hill (backpack) talks with family, friends and neighbors Sunday evening after a fire ravished his home in Rockford Township.

Hill wore a backpack containing some of his belongings that were either saved or recovered, as he stood 40 feet from his ravished home around 6 p.m. that evening. His wife’s colorful, soot-dusted purse rested near his feet, as he sipped a fresh cup of coffee, courtesy of a neighboring couple.

Hill said the family had done significant upgrading to the home in recent years and was starting plans to host a graduation party for their 18-year-old son,  who is a senior at Buffalo High School.

Delano was the first department called to the home,  as engines were seen heading east on Highway 12 around 4:30 p.m. In the next several hours, trucks from the neighboring departments were seen in Delano replenishing water supplies before heading back to the scene.

The Rockford Fire Investigation unit arrived at the scene shortly after 6 p.m. The exact cause of the blaze was not known as of Sunday evening.