Carver County opposes transit sales tax

CARVER COUNTY, MN – Carver County Board adopted a resolution Feb. 19 opposing the imposition of a transit sales tax. The resolution is in response to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s proposal of a one-quarter percent sales tax increase in the seven county metro area to accelerate the build-out of metro transit services and pay for operations of existing services.

The resolution states that Carver County ridership levels don’t justify the proposed transit tax and would not provide the capital and operating resources necessary to implement Carver County’s transportation and transit plans. The resolution also notes that imposing transit taxes during difficult economic times is especially hard to justify.

I am very concerned that the residents of Carver County will bear an unfair expense with little or no direct benefit,” said Carver County Board Chair Tim Lynch. “In addition, being on the fringe of the metro area, our local businesses would be at a competitive disadvantage for big ticket items such as electronics and furniture with a lower tax rate a short drive across the county line.”

In 2008, Minnesota Statutes provided the seven metropolitan counties the ability to impose a similar one-quarter percent sales and use tax, and an excise tax of $20 per motor vehicle sale to be made available for the development and operation of transit ways. The Carver County Board of Commissioners denied this transit tax.

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