Carver and Scott counties connect via fiber optics

CARVER COUNTY, MN – Scott and Carver Counties recently bridged the technology divide between the two counties with a fiber optic cable that was recently installed under the river between the Scott County Government Center in Shakopee and the Carver County Government Center in Chaska.

“The connection with Scott County allows us to join a web of fiber that connects Carver County with other metro counties and eventually the 511 building in Minneapolis, which is the internet hub in the Twin Cities,”  Carver County Board Chair Randy Maluchnik stated in a press release. “This project will allow us to collaborate with other counties and other cities and school districts once the Carver County fiber ring is completed.”

Carver County is currently looking into the possibilities that the connection provides, such as shared IT licensing, shared data center equipment, potential for another disaster recovery site, video meetings and shared services.

Photo: Carver County Chair Randy Maluchnik (left) and Scott County Chair Tom Wolf (right) hold a section of fiber optic cable in the Scott County Data Center. The equipment behind them is now connected to the Carver County Data Center in Chaska.

Look for a full article in a future issue of the Herald Journal.


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