Kacie Carlsted continues to recover

Kacie Carlsted is trying to remember her senior year and is asking friends to visit her Facebook page to help her remember. For the latest updates, please visit Kacie’s Caring Bridge web site kept by her mother (click here).

Mitch was released from the hospital and is trying to adapt to a normal life. Apparently, his Caring Bridge web site has been deactivated.

Two HLWW seniors, Kacie Carlsted and Mitch Bayerl, were critically injured in a fatal car crash Wednesday and have had Caring Bridge web sites set up for them. The following are links to their respective web sites. Please click on either link to offer encouraging comments to them as they recover at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis:

Kacie Carlsted’s Caring Bridge web site
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  1. Bill & Patty Uter says:

    Dear Bayerl Family,
    i cant imagine how strong all of you have been. the LORD has answered our prayers and we are all grateful for mitch’s recovery. mitch i miss you so much man. on the last day of school, you were the only senior that i had hugged, i’ll never forget. everyday at school i see your awesome nissan that we always talk about. hopefully you’re better soon and you can take it home! anyways, my family is just grateful that you are okay and that your family has been so strong. i cant wait to see you mitch. we pray for you all, God Bless. Sincerely, Joe and the Uter Family.

  2. Lynda Jensen, Editor says:

    Lee Ann Carlsted, Kacie’s mom, made this entry at Caring Bridge today (Saturday, May 31):
    “Good afternoon, I’m glad I am able to keep this website up to date – dispels rumors and gives me something to do.
    Kacie is stable and still in critical condition. She moved her
    left hand today when the nurse cleaned her mouth out. This
    is a good sign because she has not moved her left hand before this. She is moving on a subconscious level and is reacting to pain stimulus (she does not like having her mouth cleaned out). Surgery is still scheduled for monday for her face and will have the tube in her neck (treacheotomy) for breathing done at that time. We thank everyone for the prayers and support and please tell people to check this web site for ‘correct’ information. I will keep updated as soon as I get information from the doctors.”
    Lee Ann Carlsted

  3. Lynda Jensen, Editor says:

    Good news about Mitch Bayerl posted today on Caring Bridge!
    “Today (Saturday) the doctor took out Mitchell’s chest tube. Mitchell was able to sit and visit with some of his teachers and family. He was also able to visit with some of his close friends. This was a huge step because Mitch stayed wide awake the entire visit (about 2 hours.) So far Mitchell was able to walk the hallway 4 times.”
    Sincerely, Raechell & The Bayerls

  4. Lynda Jensen, Editor says:

    Lee Ann Carlsted gave an update Monday — surgery went OK!
    “Kacie is done with surgery. Her face looks great and she
    looks so much better after taking the tubes out of her mouth.
    She is still unconscious from the heavy sedation. Her treacheostomy is in and that went well also. She is still scheduled for the Peg tomorrow.”
    Lee Ann Carlsted

  5. Lynda Jensen, Editor says:

    Here is an update today (Monday, June 2) from Mitch Bayerl’s Caring Bridge web site:
    “Yesterday, Mitchell was so glad to make it to graduation. He got a pass from 12 to 5 so he could attend.

    Today we brought him home around 1:30. This mornings chest x-ray looked good. His bandages from, where the chest tube was, will need to be taken off on Wednesday. He cannot get the area wet until it is removed. The skull & lower back fractures should heal on their own over time. He was fitted with a back brace but will only need to wear it for comfort. The staples will be removed in two weeks, at his follow up appointment with the doctors. We will have to schedule him a TBI appointment (tramic brain injury) to be done one month from now. He currently isn’t on any pain medication. He can’t drive until the docter’s appointment. He can’t do anything that could in any way injure/hurt his head. (jumping, trampoline, wrestling, football, ect.)

    Raechell, Janette and Famly

    P.S. Thanks for all the support through these times.”

  6. A MOM says:

    I went to check on Mitch and his site has been apparently disabled or something. Have they discontinued his page?
    A Mom in WInsted

  7. Lynda Jensen, Editor says:

    Yes, apparently his site has been deactivated, which is unusual. It must have been requested by the family to have this happen, since I just wrote a story for the Health & Medical section coming up, and located about 11 Caring Bridge sites that still exist from local kids — some dating back to 2004 and before. Mitch was released from the hospital with instructions to resume a normal life, but without strong contact to his head (no diving for balls in ballgames, etc.). Otherwise he is doing well and was seen at a school banquet about a week after graduation.

  8. A MOM says:

    Thanks for the update.
    I saw him at the HLWW-Winsted school awards ceremony and he looked great !!!
    Keep it up Mitch, we are still thinking about and praying for you !!!