Blue Star Banners presented to families by Winsted Legion

winWINSTED, MN — Families receiving a Blue Star Banner at the Winsted American Legion Nov. 4 are: front – Gary and Deb Schott, Melanie Fiecke, Susan Kubasch, Mike Roll, Joel Hirsch, Laurie Roll, Mike and Sue Henrich, Kathy Koch, Joan Barrie-Daigle, John Koch, and Sandy Fiecke; back – Charlie Fiecke, Kendell Kubasch, and Jim Fiecke.

In a tradition that first began during World War I, area families with children serving in the armed forces received Blue Star Banners Wednesday at the Winsted American Legion.

Banners were presented by Vice Commander Jeff Sterner to the following parents:
• Gary and Joan Daigle, whose son, Sam is in the Army National Guard;
• Jim Fiecke and Sandy Fiecke for their son, Cody who entered the US Air Force this month;
• Gary and Deb Schott, whose daughter, Kristie Hatlestad is in the US Air Force;
• Mike and Sue Henrich, whose son, Brandon is in the US Navy;
• Melanie and Charlie Fiecke and Jay and Michelle Baird, whose son, Jeremy Hirsch is entering the US Navy this month;
• Joel and Stacy Hirsch, whose son, Matt is in the US Navy;
• John and Kathy Koch, whose son, Josh is in the US Army;
• Kendell and Susan Kubasch, whose son, Daniel is in the US Coast Guard Academy; and
• Mike and Laurie Roll whose daughter, Dessie is a US Marine.

Not present for the ceremony, were Marvin and Suzann Ernhart whose son James is in the Army National Guard.  The Blue Star Banner was designed and patented in 1917, by World War I Army Capt. Robert L. Queissner of the 5th Ohio Infantry, who had two sons serving on the front line. It quickly became the unofficial symbol
of a child in the service.

During World War II, the Department of War issued specifications on the manufacture of the flag, as well as guidelines indicating when and by whom the service flag could be flown.

Today, Blue Star service banners are displayed in the front window of a home to show the family’s pride in their loved ones serving in the military, and acknowledges the brave men and women away from home, defending the freedom of all Americans.

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