Best Buy to come to Hutchinson

The Hutchinson City Council approved the preliminary and final plat that will allow Best Buy to build a new store in Hutchinson, reported KDUZ Radio. Mark Kampmeyer, representing Ryan Companies told the council Monday night that it was easy dealing with the City of Hutchinson through the process.  The building will be built along Highway 15 South on the vacant property just north of Target, between the Office Max and  Cub Foods buildings, which are also vacant.  Construction could begin as early as next month.


  1. A confused shopper says:

    I am confused.
    Here again another NEW building will be constructed in a town (BETWEEN) 2 already vacant buildings.
    WHY are businesses building NEW when there are vacant buildings already there? I would think that the old CUB building (that hused the grocery store for a very short time) would be large enough to put this type of a store in. THe height it there already for storage above the display areas (like it was for CUB to place their overstock). What do they need a NEW building for? THere are so many towns with empty buildings, yet there are new ones being built.
    THis is just a confusing issue ~

  2. CentralMNGuy says:

    It’s actually quite simple. Stores such as Target, Best Buy, etc.. have specific store designs they want to adhere to. They want the shopper or “guest” to walk into a store and be able to know exactly where everything is, even if it’s the first time visiting said store. You can go to a store in Dallas, TX or Hutchinson, MN, and the store layout will essentially be the same.

    Lastly, I’m guessing retro-fitting an older building is likely more costly than building new. Besides, who are we to tell someone what they can or can’t do with their money? If you start doing that, you can say “bye-bye” to a Best Buy or Target coming to a community near you.

  3. No Best Buy says:


    I went into 3 different Target stores on Saturday
    looking for a specific clothing article. All three
    stores had their mens department and all other departments
    in different places. So much for that theory.

    My opinion is that Best Buy will not survive in Hutchinson.

  4. A confused shopper says:

    My theory is the same as NO BEST BUY’s. Cub did not last, K-Mart left, Hennens left etc… Most stores do NOT thrive in the town, especially those that were not HERE to start with (with the exception of Hennens and K-Mart as there ar not many K-Marts left).

    Anyway, this is just MY opinion.

    My point was that there are TOO many NEW buildings being put up when there are NEW buildings empty.

    At least RUNNINGs is planning to move to an EXISTING building ~

  5. A thought says:

    I heard Best Buy went with a brand new building because they wanted to own it. The other vacant buildings were only for rent. Or so I heard.

  6. Tiffani says:

    @No Best Buy:

    I work at Target, and although what you’re saying is true, CentralMNGuy is right. Although stores may look different, their design takes a lot of work and planning. We like to make our stores look unique from others, but there is actually a lot of science that goes into the design of our stores, inside and out. Therefore, sometimes a vacant, already built building will just not do the job.

  7. rita byers says:

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  8. david says:

    There are only 30 day return policies on “ALL” computers. Once 30 days is over you have to deal with the pc manufacturer. Thats how the industry works. I would contact the laptop manufacturer and see if you can get it replaced. I highly doubt that they will take the laptop back. FYI…if you daughter went to school for this…she should’ve known these are the normal procedures.