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Winsted councilor retires after 8 years

WINSTED, MN – With his easy smile and cheerful humor, George Schulenberg is the type of person who makes a place better just by being there.

When he was elected to the Winsted City Council in 2011, Schulenberg used the opportunity to improve the entire city.

“It’s been a hard eight years, but it’s been an absolutely great eight years too,” he said. “I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve been able to do, and to see progress being made in this little city.”

Tuesday evening was Schulenberg’s last meeting on the council, as he did not seek re-election this year. Several friends and family members attended the meeting to congratulate Schulenberg, and to celebrate his years of service.

Schulenberg and his wife, Ann, will be celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary in January. The couple moved to Winsted almost 15 years ago, and quickly became attached to the community.

“I don’t think either one of us knew what was going to happen, but not only did we embrace the town, but the town embraced us,” Schulenberg said.

Retiring Winsted City Council Member George Schulenberg was presented with a plaque by Mayor Steve Stotko at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Retiring Winsted City Council Member George Schulenberg was presented with a plaque by Mayor Steve Stotko at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Winsted looks at raising water and sewer rates for 2019

WINSTED, MN – The Tuesday, Dec. 18 Winsted City Council work session will include discussion about the proposed 2019 fee schedule. A few changes to the fees include:

• Water Rate, Per 1,000 Gallons, from $3.44 to $3.61

• Water Rate, Minimum, Per Month, from $6.23 to $6.54

• Sewer Rate, Per 1,000 Gallons, from $12.53 to $14.29

• Sewer Rate, Minimum, Per Month, from $9.92 to $11.11

The work session will start at 5 p.m. in the Lewis Room of city hall. The regular council meeting will follow, starting at 6 p.m. in the council chambers.

Look for coverage of both meetings in the Friday, Dec. 21 edition of the Herald Journal.

Data breach reported in Wright County

WRIGHT COUNTY, MN – The following news release was issued Wednesday by Wright County officials:

A Wright County employee was found to have transferred private data to his home without authorization and in violation of county policy.

Based upon the investigation conducted by the county, no evidence has been found that indicates there was any sale or distribution of the private data. The data was recovered and returned to the county by law enforcement.

Since government agencies are held to a high standard for data protection, Wright County officials notified individuals because they felt citizens had a right to know this transpired – even though the data is back in the county’s possession.

Employees are required to complete multiple trainings about protecting citizen data annually, and the county has several policies in place.  This unfortunate decision by one individual to not follow policy has triggered this notification effort.

While the policy investigation is complete, a criminal investigation related to this employee’s actions is ongoing.

A company that specializes in data notification has been hired by Wright County to handle notifications and requests. Citizens are asked to use these resources to request further information:

Toll free information line: 866-680-3212.


Address for information:

Wright County Data Incident-6354


Minneapolis, MN 55440-0044

Individuals who did not get a letter from the county did not have data accessed in this incident.

PHOTO GALLERY: Winsted Winter Festival 2018

WINSTED, MN – Click here to see photos from the 2018 Winsted Winter Festival. Select photos will appear in the Friday, Dec. 14 edition of the Herald Journal.

Property taxes cause ‘sticker shock’ in Winsted

WINSTED, MN – “It’s just not right.”

This statement was heard more than once at Winsted’s truth-in-taxation public hearing Tuesday evening.

Nine residents shared their frustration over high property tax increases due to a stated increase in their property values. The assessed value of properties is determined at the county level, and the city does not have control over this.

Property owners had an opportunity to challenge their assessed values earlier this spring, at the McLeod County board of appeals meeting. In spring of 2019, McLeod County residents will have an opportunity to challenge next year’s valuations.

In Winsted, the property tax levy is increasing by 6.93 percent, from $1,274,600 to $1,362,889. The city council plans to finalize this at its Tuesday, Dec. 18 meeting.

With these numbers, a home worth $200,000 in Winsted would have paid $1,406 in city property taxes in 2018. Assuming no change in value, that home would pay $82 less in taxes this year.

However, many homes in Winsted are valued substantially higher this year, according to the county’s estimates.

Look for the full story in the Friday, Dec. 7 edition of the Herald Journal.

HLWW’s truth-in-taxation hearing set for Dec. 10

HOWARD LAKE, WAVERLY, WINSTED, MN – A truth-in-taxation hearing will take place during the Monday, Dec. 10 Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School Board meeting. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. in the high school media center.

Another item on the agenda is discussion about hiring an additional paraprofessional position, and an extra speech position.

Look for coverage in the Friday, Dec. 14 edition of the Herald Journal.